It is time to start reading!!

Summer is here and with it comes unlimited time to explore what I can’t discover during the school year.  One thing that I like to do with my summer is play the piano.  My skills are rusty, but there is just something about being able to sit down and feel the notes come alive under my fingers.  Right now, I’m still trying to get all the chords in some of my favorite John Ness Beck songs.  The harmonies are the best part of these pieces, and in my head, I can hear all the sopranos, tenors and basses that have sung beside me in untold past lives, and I treasure those sounds into the dreams of peace-filled nights.

Sometime during the day, I take a break and walk into my various gardens.  Pull some weeds, sit by our memorials as I sing spirituals for those who are already enjoying what I often yearn to see more than anything else, or play with our year and a half old chocolate lab, named Ryndiyah.  Who knew that “Stick” could be such an exciting word. Rainy days bring inside diversions – cleaning, crossstiching my grandchildren’s Christmas stockings or knitting/crocheting a baby blanket for a tiny soul that will soon join us in our journey.

But mostly – I read.  In bed, way past the time to get up; outside on my garden deck; hidden deep in the crevices of my great room chair with sunshine filtering through the trees and over my shoulder; curled in my bed, once again, until my eyelids close to venture from explorations of faith to the peace of discovery deep within my conscious.

This summer is filled with diverse books that I am determined to cover before the fall deadline of school and classes claim me once again.  When I don’t understand something – I read.  When I want to be entertained – I read.  When I want to grow spiritually – I read.  When it is done – I reflect and write.  So instead of writing in my journal, I will write it here.  I’m not sure why or who will be interested, but this is where we will start, and if you want to come along for the ride welcome aboard and we will see where we land.


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