The Hand Game

It was one of those days.  One of those days when the ordinary stood out as wondrous as a miracle.  The kindergartners sat playing the hand game.  You remember…the game where you put your hand on the table, and then the person across from you. or the the one beside you. covers your hand; you cover theirs; they cover yours…over and over again.  They laughed, giggled, stretched, smiled and soon…the whole table was playing the game.  Two people – then four – then more.

Connections made and passed on.

Kindergartners haven’t learned many social barriers…yet.  The day is over. They are together.  They just reach out, touch and share the joy of being out of school.

“Get the BBQ chips.  I am”

“Ok. Are you getting the cherry drink or the orange?”


“Ok. Me, too.”

Different, but another connection.

God does that, too.  He reaches out His hand, but it is up to us if we cover it with our own.  His WORDS, given to a desert people long ago, show Him reaching out His hand – over and over and over.

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt to be your God. I am the LORD your God.'”  Numbers 15;41

There is a thought in Jewish wisdom that in the Torah (or as I know it, the Old Testament),  repeats things for a reason.  Funny, I just thought it repeated itself because translating from Hebrew to English was harder than I know…or maybe the translators lost where they were at and repeated it a sentence.  But apparently even in Hebrew, the  lines are repeated.  Who knew?  Which begs another question – why???

A rabbi, Marcia Pager, translated that verse in Numbers as: “I am your Elohim who calls you out of the narrow places of your lives, to be your Elohim.  I am your Elohim.”

Notice that the first line and the last line in this verse repeat themselves.  Jewish wisdom believe that Our Father did it that way just to point out the main point of the whole verse.  The name of God isn’t as important as that part in the middle:  “Come out of Egypt…come out of your narrow place…come out of yourself  and notice…  I AM YOUR GOD.”

He doesn’t demand.  He doesn’t decree.  He doesn’t pull you to Himself.  All He does  is call.  All He says is, “Here I am.”

Elohim often is interpreted as one that is revealed and concealed; one that is the sun and the shield; one that is the giver and the restrainer.  You might wonder how anything can be both.  I know I did.  They’re opposites.  How can one thing be both revealed and concealed?  A sun and a shield?  A giver and restrainer?  And yet…isn’t that what happens in that simple game that the kindergartners played today?

The child reveals their hand, but lets it be concealed by their friends hand.  Their hand still exists.  It is still there under the hand of their friend.  The game goes on with all the brightness of the sun in their eyes and the shield of friendship shields them from noticing anything else in the room.  As the game goes on, one child gives their other hand, but because they don’t want to hurt the child they are playing with, they restrain themselves from slapping the hand  on the table.

Antonyms – opposites –  all existing in one game.

300px-Hands_of_God_and_AdamUsually, I just post things on FB.  I haven’t written on this blog for over a year.  But one of my former students found my blog page today and reminded me, that not only was I was called to teach but also to write.  Write in many places and in many ways.  Fiction, poetry, observations, autobiographies, biographies and on and on  and on.  He held out His hand to me long ago, and I reached out and covered it with  mine.  I think DaVinci showed it the best way possible when he painted the Sistine Chapel.  Elohim’s finger reaching out and Adam reaching right back.

Have you reached out?  Have you looked for the Hand reaching for yours?


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