Lenten Journey #1

lent-2Actually started the Lenten portion of my Journey on Sunday. I don’t know why. Journeys sometimes start when you least expect them. A step here – a step there and all of a sudden, you find an unexpected meadow with wildflowers, rainbows and unicorns. You bend down to pick a flower to put in your hair and spy the smaller critters that you hadn’t noticed. Tiny animals hidden in small burrows, wounded creatures seeking succor, disfigured ones pushed in the corners of rocks, misfits that never quite felt a part of the others trying to hide in the dirt. You sit quietly, waiting, and the little ones come. Hesitantly…shyly…fearfully…they creep forward and lay their head upon your lap. Their trust is a blessing and your hand reaches out…tentatively…gently…lovingly…to bless them back in more ways than can be imagine because you know there will be time when you will leave the meadow.

We don’t know much about Jesus before He started the ministry portion of His journey. But what we know for sure is that He understood what stepping out of the meadow and into the dry, desert valley would mean for Him. He purposely stood up in that meadow, carefully stepped upon the path that would lead Him to Jerusalem, and began to walk.

Lent is a verb. It is a time to act upon convictions that lie deep within us and call us to walk beside Him. Some people who have been to heaven and returned talk about a time/space continuum that we can scarcely fathom. Past, present, future blending together and not linear, as we tend to see it. If that is so, I like to think that as I walk this Lenten Journey in 2014, Jesus somehow felt(feels/will feel) my prayers as I walk beside Him during His rough time just as I feel Him during my rough times. Convictions… prayers…the Holy Spirit…a loving Father…unifying us in our walk together. It is Ash Wednesday. Time to stand up in the meadow.ash wed


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