Lenten Journey #2

August Rush…

Dirty Dancing…

Moulin Rouge…

Don’t you love those points in the movies that touch your heart? The climatic essence when the hero turns back, returns, or absorbs the idea that he/she has been rebelling against throughout the whole movie…honor…integrity…undying love. You want to stand up, clap your hands together (I do believe – I do believe – come on, Tink) and cheer. Hmmm…like when: August runs away from Wizard to conduct his symphony; Johnny holds out his hand and says, ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’; Christian turns back to Satine as she begins to sing, “Come What May”; a anguished Father sending His Son to save…

You get the idea.

No matter how many times I watch Moulin Rouge (and I just watched it…again), “Come What May” always sticks in my head (for days – sigh), and I end up singing it in the shower – the car – the hot tub  over and over (musicians tend to do that). But today, “Nature Boy”  kept creeping in as well. Toulouse keeps shouting out a line from this song: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”.

And again, there in my mind, was Jesus standing in that sunny meadow. Looking off into the horizon.  Seeing something that no one else has seen yet.  A Son – listening to His Father and willing to share their undying love.

Funny…how God can work through the common, ordinary activities of our day just to remind us of His love. Don’t you just want to stand up, clap your hands and cheer?


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