Lenten Journey #5

Interesting – I’ve started my new journey into the world of the tablet. So many things to adapt to – and yet – it appears to be similar to the old laptop. My typing is a little slower and the touch screen gets a little sidetracked – or should I say – my fingers get a little sidetracked by touching things a little off center. Didn’t know if I could use the old typing skills on the virtual keys, but they work pretty good. I guess that is what journeys are all about…learning something new by building on old knowledge and wisdom.

I’m half listening and watching the new show Resurrection…wondering if it is a coincidence that all these movies, books and TV shows have a subject matter or terms that put God on the forefront of my brain. Somehow I don’t think so. We tend to think that God only works through great -amazing miracles and yet – I think that God works more through the ordinary…the mundane…the tedious…the repetitive daily things that we take for granted. Like…just for instance…inspiring people to write TV shows or movies about Him…

Jesus did many of those big miracles – walk on water – water into wine – calm the storm – raise the dead – but how many ordinary, boring, everyday things did He do as well?  Sit with the sick, read the Torah, talk to the “unclean”, walk and tell stories to fellow travelers upon the road, fix His own food…(I had to smile at the last one – I mean – really? – We just don’t think of Him doing all those things, but isn’t that the point?) Didn’t He take on this journey, stand up in a meadow and begin walking towards Jerusalem just to let us know that He loved us? — feeling blessed.


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