Lenten Journey #11

faeries aToday is the first day of spring. It was sunny, in the high 60’s and a great day to build a fire in our fire pit (and ignore the fact that OSU men’s basketball dropped the ball…so to speak). The dogs loved romping around the yard, husband loved putzing around with his vehicles, while I – – – I enjoyed the hot tub on the patio. Today was not as spiritually challenging as yesterday. But then – journeys are like that — especially God journeys. The seeds planted yesterday are still there. The dirt around them is nurturing and warm from the Son, but you never know when the seeds will start their own journeys into this world or even how their own journeys will turn out. That’s the hard thing about planting seeds…the outcome is never guaranteed…and the seed you planted might grow into something far beyond your understanding. It’s scary and fascinating and upsetting and rewarding and…and…and…necessary.

Jewish wisdom says that in the exact center of the five Books of Moses or Torah (Lev 10:16), there is one word that is repeated in the original Hebrew on either side of the middle: “inquire”…not once…but repeated again…”INQUIRE”. Jewish tradition says you pay attention to such things because God placed them there for a reason. His message this time: INQUIRE and KEEP INQUIRING.

Yesterday, I mentioned Socrates several times in different FB conversations and once when I was teaching at the after school program as well. Strange. Hadn’t thought of Socratic discussion techniques for a while, but then it came up again today in my Jewish devotional. think I’m getting the message? Walk into Jewish classroom and you don’t see the traditional lecturer and note takers. Instead, there are questions, debates, discussions and more INQUIRIES. Jewish perspective teaches that the more questions you ask, the more space you open in yourself for wisdom. It is the way Our Father plants seeds in us; all we have to do is…INQUIRE.

Got your hand up? Are you ready? Is it any wonder that Jesus used INQUIRY as well? The seeds are planted. He plants them every time you INQUIRE. “Ask and it shall be given you…” (Matt 7:7)faeries b


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