Lenten Journey #16

There is nothing better than having kids around. It is the greatest excuse in the world to enter the world of make-believe. Stories of “happily-ever-after”, magic words that turn the world “right-side up”, quests to follow, dragons to battle, gardens full of magical creatures and plants, faeries, unicorns…

Is it any wonder that fables and faerie tales exist? Long before movies and books, the oral tradition filled the imaginations of each generation – teaching the threads that would tie one generation to another and weave another layer of tapestry for future generations.

Jewish oral traditions eventually became the Talmud. One of the words that they taught was “ABRA KDABRA”. Look and sound familiar? It means “I will create as I speak”. No wonder it was considered a “magic” word. Words have power to make us hate, cry, angry, smile, laugh, love, and everything in between. God showed us that power in Genesis 1 when He spoke all of creation into being.

Rabbe Jesus knew that as well. He spoke in parables, riddles, metaphors, and sprinkled lots of questions in the mix. “As I speak, I create.” He chose His words wisely as He tried to strengthen the threads that tied His disciples to their Father and their followers and their followers… He knew what was coming in just a few weeks – and the cross loomed over His path.



We all need to remember: “I will create as I speak.”


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