Lenten Journey #24

Today, the disciplinarian teacher in me came out in full force, and there were a few third grade boys who were not thrilled. (Hmmm…haven’t forgotten that teacher tone of voice at all) As for myself, it was good to touch base with that part of me again.

That being said, I should have known. The first devotion I read this morning (Thank you very much, Miss Tiki) was about jobs. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching with this retirement thingy. As ready as I was to get away from the idiocy of Common Core Standards and the daily nonsense of things that have nothing to do with educating our youth, I was not ready to quit teaching. (For a person who never considered that I would EVER walk into a school after high school graduation, I had to laugh at that last sentence.)

Our life journeys sometimes surprise even us. Teaching was one of my surprises. Yeah – sure – I did get “volunteered” to help teach the little kids in Sunday School. I did start a group to teach “Little Majes” how to twirl a baton. I babysat. I tutored and read to little kids while working at our local library. I joined Future Teachers of America, but only because my mom wanted me to join a club (and it got me out of class sometimes). I even fought my parents about going to college. School was boring. School, for me, was mostly about daydreaming, doodling or writing poetry…stories…songs… Certainly, nothing productive ever came out of sitting in a classroom and taking notes and tests.

And yet — 40+ years later — I don’t think I’m done. Unlike Rabbe Jesus, I’m not sure of what lies ahead. However, I am getting the idea that He is about to let me know. “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD…” Jer 29:11

I have no idea how this will work, but I think today was all about reminding me who is in control. Luckily, while my teaching day started out with the disciplinarian me, it ended with the “Miss Grammie” me. Three 1st graders sitting on my lap – waiting to read their minute stories, running accounts of mistakes, re-read the stories, 2nd graders hanging over my shoulder waiting for me to get to them and their vocabulary questions, integers being added and subtracted (I called for help – literally – I used my phone’s calculator to double check what I told them =) ) , algebraic word problems which needed to be re-stated in numeric form (do you know how hard that is for someone who intensely dislikes math – let alone the 6th graders who were struggling?). No one ever said that the plans He has made for us will be without a few bumps. sigh.

BTW – one of the 4th graders spent his time-out writing “I am stupid” until he filled the page. When I came back to where he was sitting alone, he dug it out of his book bag and handed it to me. Now either he is the smartest one in the group of boys, or he was sincerely sorry. In any case, we had a talk. Told him if I ever heard him writing such a thing again, we would have another talk. Second, he got out of time-out while the others had to stay in. “Miss Grammie” got a hug, and I wondered why he chose to write the words he did. I’m still wondering…and praying. I like to think that is exactly what Rabbe Jesus did on His lenten journey. When he found one of His lost sheep, I’m pretty sure He wondered how it got so lost…and then He prayed. The neat thing??? He hasn’t stopped interceding for us with the Father. When we pray??? We eventually stop – get sidetracked – forget, but not Christ. He continues walking with us and interceding every step of the way.

“The name of the LORD is a fortified tower, the righteous run to it and are safe.” Prov 18:10 jesus-christ-sermon-mount


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