Lenten Journey #27

I’m tired. It has been a full day of cleaning and transplanting dirt and bushes and flowers…with a few periods of throwing ball for the girls.  I imagine Rabbe Jesus knew what tired was better than me. He must have also been tired on the Sabbath before Passover. He had been traveling for weeks. Fielding questions from his followers – and from his enemies. Was He already within sight of this beloved city? Did he manage to find a way to escape everyone after the Seder for some peace and quiet? Did He sit in the growing light of the moon knowing what had to happen and pray for strength?

I often look at the moon and wonder as well…especially this week. On Monday night at sundown Passover begins. On Tuesday night the first of Four Blood Moons will occur. According to the Jewish calendar, it is the year of Jubilee (49th year of 50) and Shemittah (7th year of 7) as well. Throw in a full solar eclipse smack dab in the middle of the blood moons (that all occur on Jewish holidays), and I sorta have to wonder. After all, I don’t think God says things in the first book of the Bible that He doesn’t mean.

“Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years…” Gen 1:14

The amazing thing – I may never see or understand the heavenly signs that I am contemplating. It may only be visible to those who will have hindsight. What I know and what Rabbe Jesus knows, is that Our Father always keeps His promises. “His word is His word” (where do you think this old adage originated?). Still…still…it doesn’t keep me from wondering and praying and watching. After all, that is what a lenten journey is all about – a faith journey – trusting God to see what we can’t.

NASA Four Blood Moons


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