Memorial Day 2014

When I was growing up, Memorial Day meant selling poppies, parades, ceremonies in our little town and then driving to the Gold Star Mothers shrine in Mohican forestMemorial Shrine in the Mohican Forest and family time. Memorial Day was actually celebrated (like Christmas and the 4th of July) on a specific day, May 30th. I kinda miss those special days and not just a long weekend that moves around the calendar about the same time. Poppy Princess Court

Years later, it became about hosting pig roasts, (sleepovers parties the night before with lots of kids and a few adults sitting around the bonfire pigroast Killbuckwaiting to put the pig in the ground), parades, ceremonies and more family time. Last year’s holyday brought us moving into a new home – in a new state – and a new life. This year – totally different…again. It was about nursing a tender muscle in my back, a couple of working husbands, a daughter plagued with an on-going-saga of pink eye (she was the last one to get it) and Celtic music.

Not sure why the Celtic music, You would think that I would be listening to good ol’ American music…especially “God Bless America”. But today, it was my Irish roots that seemed to fit the day, and it led me to the music video that more than fits the day. It tied the childhood memories to my quiet, Celtic musings in so many ways. Monies raised from this recording go (100%) to Gold Star Mothers according to a press release. Too me, that is as good a way to honor those who gave their all as a parade. Helping others – reaching out – sending prayers to those who have given so much for a country I love. I guess – that is Memorial Day 2014.

. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” Jn 15:13


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