Birthday Step 2014

I have learned a very valuable lesson today. Never mess with Mama Mick’s 3 layer chocolate cake…especially on her 78th wedding anniversary.

Since getting a new car took up most of yesterday, the Grands decided Grandma Bryn just needed to have a cake and some fun time today. So after church, the house was full of dogs, kids and laughter once again. Song/book/ writing turned into bubble play turned into Barbie play turned into cake making…

Let’s just say there is a certain magic to making a Grandma Mickey cake. There is a specific way of mixing the ingredients and timing is essential. You can ask anyone who has tried to make one just from just reading the recipe – it don’t work like any other cake. Adding ingredients in a specific order, in a certain way, at the precise time makes all the difference in the world. And today – for some reason – that just didn’t happen. I know Mama Mick and Daddy Mike were up in heaven  laughing their heads off at the mess in the kitchen. The cake overflowed the pans, smoke filled the house, batter caught fire in the oven (husband poured water on it) and even though the cake was in the oven over the alotted time it takes to bake – it never really became cake. Those orney faeries were definitely up to some magic tricks that just weren’t beneficial to a three layer cake. sigh.

Two hours later, “cake” scraped into a bowl, oven cleaned (enough to run the self-cleaning oven later tonight), oven racks cleaned (10 SOS pads later), “cake” was ready to serve. We decided to call it the “Fudge Cake Sundae Cake”. We made the Fudge filling that usually goes in the middle of the layers and drizzled it on top of the fudgy cake pieces, topped it with ice cream and whipped cream, then topped it all with a cherry. Two huge plates – five spoons (husband doesn’t like chocolate cake) – a birthday song – and cake was served.

Funny – there were so many blessings in this mess that I’m still smiling. My oven needed a good cleaning. Grandma Mickey cakes are good in any shape, form or pieces (although I did miss the 7 minute frosting- but whip cream is a good substitute =P ). The Grands’ chocolate covered mouths and tongues licking their bowls was worth everything that went wrong.

Our preacher taught us this morning that we need to keep our mind focused on Christ every moment of every day – every decision – every happening. If we let the negative rise up in our minds, we are forgetting to be the “Believers” that Christ knew lived within us. We need the “helmet of salvation” Ep 6:17 surrounding our head 24-7. This day could have been a disaster, but instead, it was amazing. A game of Falcon Corn Hole followed, A few more hugs and the dogs lay down to take a nap.

Second step into my 64th year has been taken. A few more pictures ready to be logged into the memory booklet. “This is the day that the LORD hath made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Ps 118:24…. or as the preacher said: “No stinkin’ thinkin’ will lead [me] to drinkin”…  well…for today anyway.

b-day 2014 002


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