Atitude of Gratitude #27

a womanAttitude of Gratitude #27: God. It is one day out of 365. It is one day set aside to be full of thankfulness and remembrance. It is one day of blessed legacies and love expressed. It is one day that – if you choose – you will remember to crawl as far forward as you can – hands and knees scraped by the stones and broken glass that impede your progress………reach through the ugly, crowded busyness of daily life – head battered by words and actions of those towering above and around…………stretch dirty, grimy fingers as far as posiible just to touch the hem – a hem of His garment trailing behind Him as He passes………………and say………….Thank you.

It is not enough. It can never be enough. Yearning, as a bride for her groom. Not wanting anything more than to express a heart full of thankfulness. 27 days of thankfulness reminds us that there is nothing more important than this – to be thankful for this moment. Incomparable “I AM” moment. Eyes full of thankfulness. Tears full of thankfulness. Spirit full of thankfulness.

Words are inadequate in this moment of true Thanksgiving. Reaching past the physical realm and seeing…”His kingdom come”. Prayer. Repentance. Unity. Communion. Repristination. This is Thanksgiving. This is His day – if we remember – if we choose to remember – the Gift we have been given, and the treasure waiting to be found.

To HaShem…My Father who carved me into the palm of His hand…whose Son stands before me…whose Spirit guides me…I am thankful for my life and this moment of choice.cross

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