7 of 7: LOVE

7 of 7: LOVE. Today was just a plain ol’ wonderful, busy, LOVE-filled day. Flipped the matteress, MELT classes, vibratory experience with legs in a crystal bowl (Shades of the 70’s return, but a very interesting re-visit…If Santa is reading this,I10614331_10152515894453461_1766569928552304517_n want one of those for Christmas), ran a couple things to the daughter for her Christmas party, laundry, cleaned house (kinda), made another batch of lemon crinkle cookies (everyone fights over them), and 3 batches of homade Bailey’s Irish Creme (everyone fights for this as well), went to her party, and home to watch Santa Claus(e). I think I’m officially into the Christmas festivities mood.

LOVE seems to be in the air. New movies come to the theaters, musical productions to attend – art/craft shows to peruse and shop – gifts to buy – classic Christmas movies on TV. People are laughing — humming along with the songs in the store — smiling more at the people they pass. Get that busy, holyday feeling yet? I wonder. Is this the way He wants to see us celebrate His LOVE? Things are not always the way they look on the outside, and I begin to wonder yet again.

“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Sam 16:7b

In all my busyness today, I missed my time in the WORD. I missed “my time” of “LOVING” today, “my time” of “wonder” in the miracle that was proclaimed so many years ago, “my time” spent in LOVE with Our Father who LOVES us more than we can ever begin to imagine. Then I remembered – it was my choice of what I did with “my time”. Obviously – I chose poorly……..again.

It is easy to “see” the Christmas the way society wants us to “see” it. Tinsel glistening in the colored lights of reality. The harder thing is seeing beyond the colors and seeing Christmas through His LOVED-filled eyes. He doesn’t look at the shiny packages, or the colored lights, or the glossy packaging of the latest entertainment idol. He looks through LOVE’s eyes instead – modeling for us a new way to “see” the miracle He created just for us – a way to “see” ourselves through His eyes. Eyes full of the multitudinous galaxies He is creating, created, will create. Eyes wide open to beauty of a baby born in a stable. Leaving us with a choice once again…a simple choice…just to open our eyes and see the way He sees.1173620_296568820485088_1407615929_n


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