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endtimesThis week has been one of those weeks where you weep, shake your head and wonder how the world could get any scarier or darker. It is hard enough to watch the news – stories about people I don’t know –  governments faltering and stumbling –  ancient tortures swirling in the red haze of hatred – division tearing at families, communities, churches. Protests ocurring in schools, outside police stations, on the streets, around the corner.

“…wars and rumors of war…nation…against nation, and kingdom against kindom.”  Matt 24:6-7

It is much harder to have a childhood friend call me from OH and say that the doctors have found pancreatic cancer; next week will determine a course of action. Harder still to watch my home town being thrown into turmoil because a teacher is being prosecuted for drug possession and recording kindergartners in the bathroom. It is probably the same bathroom that I can still visualize from my own kindergarten days.  Life didn’t get any easier as two other friends shared their tears and pain from swimming in the deep, wide ocean of divorce. Finally, a former student is missing; her family painfully posting notices on FB, hanging flyers and organizing search parties. In my memory, her face is still as familiar as it was when she stood by my desk in 8th grade.  I pray often then pray some more.

“LORD Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you.” ~Ps 84:12 pi day 2015a

haven’t felt much like writing for the past few weeks.  Not a normal state of being for me.  Waiting.  My desk is cluttered with a chore that shouldn’t take longer than a concentrated couple of weeks to fix, and yet it sits there.  Waiting.  Painted the bathroom, but haven’t started on the master bedroom even though the paint is still sitting on the counter.  Waiting.  I feel as if I’m fiddling while Rome burns – so to speak.  Just waiting.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Ps 55:22

It is when I stumble upon this verse in my prayer journal that I stop.  It brings me up short.  “He will NEVER let the righteous be shaken.” It pulls my G-d string, and the words begin to tumble and shape themselves around this promise – HIS PROMISE.  No matter how scary the world – how dark the evil – how ancient the story, “He will NEVER let the righteous be shaken.” 

Sax-Lake-PAThe sun is shining in NC today.  The windows are open.  Dogs are sleeping after a romp outside chasing the ball. The hot tub is calling for a pre-supper soak.  The paint is still waiting.  The desk is still cluttered.  My friends are still battling the C-word.  My former student is still missing.  Politicians are still bickering.  Atrocities still topping the news cast.  Nothing has changed physically, but everything has changed spiritually.  His promise.

 “He will NEVER let the righteous be shaken.” 

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