sky angelI knew I did too much. I knew I would do too much before I began doing it. I knew there was a good chance my knee would hurt when I done. It did. It does. It’s done. What I hadn’t counted on, was how sore my back would get as well.

I worked on painting our bedroom today. Climb up the ladder, Climb down the ladder. Move the ladder. Move the furniture. Find a way to paint the bottom of the wall without having to get down on the hard wooden floor. Clean up paint spills. Clean the brushes. Clean myself. Why did I think this was a good idea when I knew I would have to go to work later in the day?

And still……

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Gen 1:31a

I am smiling. This getting older stuff is not quite what it is cracked up to be on some days. My new doctor has been working on my back, diet and posture, so I should have figured in the back probablity into the mix (hindsight is not always kind). But all in all, I look at the pretty walls, and smile. The fact that I still have one-fourth of the room to finish, doesn’t bother me much. I know that Saturday or Sunday, I will finish it up and start assessing all the work involved to move the clothes, the shoes, the hanging racks, the miscelaneous STUFF out of the closet, so I can paint it as well.

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us– yes, establish the work of our hands.” Ps 90:17

And still….

Happiness rains over me. There is something holy about creating, even if it is just painting a few walls in a room that most people will never see. It reminds me of all the times in Genesis that Our Father looked at His creativity and said, “…it was good”. For that brief moment out of time, my spirit knows exactly what He was talking about in those verses. Completing a job (even if you are enduring a few aches here and there) is so totally worth it. It “was very good”. Very Good. (Now if you really want to be in my head, you will hear Jim Carrey’s voice saying these words?)

Later after more standing and sitting and walking and standing and sitting and walking and ……… you get the picture, I’m sure. It is the nature of the beast known as teaching. Muscles cramping complained just a little louder as I picked up a few groceries and then drove home. Thank God for hot tubs, stretches, applied heat and a couple hours of feet up. Morning will invigorate me once again and I will have to remind myself that the Grands are coming for a sleep-over, so no crazy
projects tomorrow – just a few small ones.

And still….

I am praying tonight. My aches are nothing in comparison to what some people are enduring as they battle depressions, cancers and surgeries. I pray a little harder for them as their faces flit through my mind – for their pain – for their fear – for their armor. Sometimes, for me, just standing up is a thought process. It bugs me because I don’t like being slowed down, or thinking about how painful it might be or the limp of the first few steps forward Then I think of my friends who can not sleep through the night at all anymore or pace back and forth as the pain racks their bodies with its spasms. The darkness of the night, surrounded only by their tears, lonliness and fear. I pull out all the stops and pray harder still. It is then I remember, that all of this – all the things we are suffering on this earth is nothing compared to what the Messiah had taken upon Himself in the last few hours of His life —— the weight of our sins bearing down upon Him and transforming Him into our ugliness.

“Just as there were many who were appalled at him —
his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being
and his form marred beyond human likeness—”~Is 52:14

And still……..

In the quiet of the night, I bend my knees in awe. The wooden floor is not so hard anymore. The skies are open to His glory. We are, indeed, exactly where we are supposed to be at this particular place and time He knows our name for it is written on the palm of His hand. He has counted the hairs on our head and joins us when we ask to walk in His garden. “My God is an awesome God…He reings over heaven and earth…with wisdom power and might…My God is an awesome God.”


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