good weekIt has been a good week of firsts…first week of summer vacation (for my school)…first tick bite of the season (PTL for oregano oil and applying it abundantly)…first corn on the cob (it is beyond great)…first crazy dream of electric wires since I was a little kid.

I know – that last one probably made you say, “Huh???” Here’s the background story: when I was little, I used to dream of electric wires. Most of the time they were just over my head (in the middle of the night no less), and I would be staring at them (Hmmmm….can you really see electric wires at night) and listening to them buzz. (You’ve all heard them buzz, right?) But sometimes – it took on a ELECTRIC WIRESnightmarish quality of wires, crackling as they touched the ground or car, encircling me completely, trapping me within the static snaps. Strange thing – I can almost still see that image as I write this. It was a dream that often sent me into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. I have no idea what any of that means or why they came so often, but the electric wires were back last night. Stretching over the skyline , criss-crossing, zig-zagging beside the road, but this time – although they were everywhere – they weren’t trapping me and it was daylight. Daylight – somehow that is important…and it is bugging me.

There are other elements of that crazy dream that are still drifting in and out of the haziness of the human mind that wants all things to be logical and reality based. That’s when I decide to take a breath. A deep, meditative breath and remember there are times you just need to have faith and be still despite everything going on around you – despite the body’s pain – despite the illness that has dogged your steps for so long – despite the silence of music – despite the deep aching of loneliness – despite the stones pulling you deeper into the well of darkness.

“Yeshua came and stood in their midst and he said to them, “Peace be with you.” He said this and he showed them his hands and his side and the disciples rejoiced because they saw Our Lord.” Jn 20:19-20

I wonder if they thought they were dreaming. I’m pretty sure they didn’t consider it logical or reality based in the least. Their rabbi was dead and now he was standing there? They had watched Him die. They feared they would be next. Needless to say, I wonder if I would have rejoiced or would I have doubted what was in front of my face? Faith the size of a mustard seed is hard to find when a fortress of fear stands in front of it. Miracles are still standing there. They are just hard to see through the density the solid stones. Miracles waiting…miracles just waiting for someone to look around the rocky walls of the fortress and feel the breath of holiness upon their face.

“But Yeshua said to them again, “Peace be with you. Just as my Father has sent me, I also am sending you.” When he had said these things, he breathed upon them and he said to them, “Receive The Spirit of Holiness.” Jn 20:21-22

It has been a good week. A week of having my youngest son remind me of some of the blessings he has brought into my life. A week of hearing the excitement in the voices of those I love as they journey off into a new adventure. A week of planting new root stocks into a young garden. A week of enjoying the breath of miracles outside my fortress walls. The sabbath is almost here, so it is time to open my window, feel His breath upon my face and plant my mustard seed.good week


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