Star of BethlehemAfter two nights of restless dreams, today was a blessings of small things. An hour gyrokenesis ( class that turned into a discussion of meditative philosophy. An unexpected day with the Grands laughing as we read our “new” old books, and one drowsy, sweaty little one curled tightly in my lap. Dogs knocking me sideways and almost down as they race for the elusive ball on the wooden floor under my chair. Friendly banter with a policeman as he directed traffic at a newly opened Popeyes in our area….unbelievable line of people waiting for a little taste of Cajun. Prayers answered, yet more to add to the list. I’m glad I keep a journal these days.

However, June 30, 2015, brings a couple extra blessings. First: we get .002 extra 11232227_839892132763342_6769764443596886690_nseconds of life in our year. Isn’t it amazing that someone keeps such an exact accounting of how long it takes for our earth to spin in its orbit? I don’t deal well with numbers, so for me this is almost miraculous. And then I wonder, if any of us would notice if someone hadn’t told us? After all, in the scheme of this immense universe and all our important busyness and thoughts, how do we even notice .002 seconds extra? Stay up and extra .002 seconds? Go to bed .002 seconds earlier? Play Jigsaw puzzle just a little longer?

“And some of the teachers do stumble for refining by them, and for purifying, and for making white — till the end of the time, for [it is] yet for a time appointed.” Dan 11:35 [YLT]

download (1)Second: the “Star of Bethlehem” is visible for the first time in 2000+ years. Another interesting blessing that I wasn’t counting on today. How did I miss this one? I’ve known about the Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse tied to the Jewish holy days for several years. I’ve known about the Jewish Shemitah and the Jubliee years for awhile. But this one – this one – I missed. So I read the article. Double check with another article, and sure enough – I found out something else I didn’t know until today.

I love learning something new. I ponder new things. Toss them around like I used to toss my babydoll when I was little. Catching it in my hands. Examining it from the front…back…sides. Comparing how it feels in my hands. How it feels when I close my eyes and rub my face in its softness. Tossing it again until I am satisfied that I have observed every possible angle. I love blessings that beg me to understand the wisdom that lies within them..

“And God saith, ‘Let luminaries be in the expanse of the heavens, to make a separation between the day and the night, then they have been for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years, 15and they have been for luminaries in the expanse of the heavens to give light upon the earth:’ and it is so.” Gen 1:14 [YLT]

Today, in my devotions, Living Free by Beth Moore, she stated: “Since the day sin damaged all areas of human life, we have been re-making the Creator in our own image. We think He acts, feels and thinks the way we do.” p16 I’ve been tossing this little gem around in my mind with all the other blessings. I’ve decided we do treat God much like we treat those around us. After all, weren’t we made in the image of God? So we see people and The LORD through the prism of our own experiences, emotions, thoughts. “wisdom”. If you need an analogy – just look at the pictures on FB with the rainbow superimposed upon them.

We see through the glass darkly.

A Prism.

I think I need to change the way I am approaching prayer and My Father. I need to ACT like Him. FEEL as He does. THINK the way He thinks. I know that I won’t be very good at it. I know that I probably won’t even come close. But I want to strip the prism off my eyes and try to actually look into the blessing of Light that has been given unto me.rainbow_prism_by_elflordtim


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