covenant“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture…”

In July of 2014, while battling a disease that I didn’t know I had, I wrote this:

“7 yrs 7 mo ago, we wrote down our prayer for a new home.
3 yrs 1 mo ago, we wrote down our prayer for a new NC home.
1 week ago, I began praying over a small piece of a tree root, that I found on some land that my hubby wanted to buy. I guess God knew we were in the right place – we were just looking at the wrong piece of ground. The ground He had in mind is so much better.

Utterly perfect.

‘You can’t never sometimes tell…’ (M. Batterson)”

“…Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

It is amazing how God has worked throughout our married life. From the very beginning, when it comes to finding our new homes, hubby and I would dream as I wrote down our dreams in a loosely constructed prayer and placed it in the Bible. clearing land may 22 tWe never knew when God was going to answer, lead us in an entirely different direction than what we were thinking, or if He would just say no. Sometimes it would be months. Sometimes years. Sometimes the timing was so long that we forgot we had even written something down. What we did know is that we had done our part. Placed it in the Bible, turned it over to Him. So we named all our properties Covenant. Covenant BS acres (LOL – can you tell we were young?) Convenant Ridge. Covenant Woods. Covenant Riverrock. I kept the last few of these prayers…wish I had kept them all.

“…Commit your ways to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this:…”

Last July, the dreams started again – a light in the darkness of pain. I could barely walk, and felt sick and/or tired most of the time. I laughed when hubby came May 20 2015 dhome and said there was a piece of ground that was up for auction in 2 days and lets go look. I laughed when I saw it. Full of loblolly pines, a few oaks, a few maples, fallen loblolly pines from a March ice storm, sandy dirt, scrub brush, junk dumped everywhere and barely a drive to access it – – – -hmmmm – – – – looked exactly like our kind of land. A LOT OF WORK land. He said he thought he could get this property for 15K. I laughed again and said if he could get it for 12K it would be better. But it was nagging at me. I felt awful. Doctor bills were just starting to take my “fun” money. So in my journal, I wrote down that I really didn’t want to pay more than 6K for these these three acres which I knew was impossible. Land is pretty expensive in NC.

“…He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn…”

june23 2015 fThree days later, the auction arrived. (I love the miracles that God works in 3 days) We see the land is further back than we thought, and somewhat different from the one on the other side of the road that we had previously walked – higher – drier – better. We also found out that it was almost 4 acres instead of 3. By then, I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get it. Then no one else shows up for the auction except the auctioneer and a company bidder. I could feel God smiling and laughing at me once again as he whsipered, “How about this?” Turns out, with all costs included, we paid just a little under 4K. The land itself was actually purchased for just over 3K. Covenant Pines is born at half of my “impossible” money limit.

“…the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”

God loves to do the “one-up” on me. He loves to surprise me and at the same time, challenge me. When I pray, I get a little nervous because I never can guess what He will do. My faith is not yet strong enough even as He lights my path from being completely dark. At the same time, the StumpMan has been busy. The land has a clearing now and huge stacks of loblolly pine trunks waiting to be used as a swingset/gym if the Grands get their way or landscaping art if I get mine. Dogs love running free. There is some topsoil amidst the sand, so maybe… grass and a garden by next year?? A driveway has been reinforced. Electric is coming, Perk test successful. House design and company found. 1st NC house being uncluttered and readied for sale. So we are writing new dreams to put in the Bible. Wondering at the timing? Wondering about the wisdom of all of this? Wondering if we are completely nuts? Sometimes it is just hard to……..

“…Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him…” (Psalm 37:3-7a).

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One response to “COVENANT

  1. Can’t believe its happening! Again. Haha. Glad you are feeling optimistic about it all. The auction story really is quite amazing.

    As you are cleaning out your house, you may want to check out this book that Craig just read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We’ve only just started our tidying process, but have 2 garbage bags full of clothes ready for Goodwill – and yet, I feel like I have more clothes than ever before. It’s weird, and pretty awesome. So simple, but so big.

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