Sale-Pending-1-537x404“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” ~Martin Buber 19th century philosopher
We sold our house…well…at least technically…at this point. A real estate sign might say instead: Sale Pending.
This was not the plan. I’ve just gotten to know this house. I can get up in  the middle of the night and not be lost. I know where all the light switches are without looking (no longer turning on the guest bathroom light with the hallway switch). The noise of the dishwasher hums a lullabye as I turn out lights and walk into a darkened room. I can avoid tripping over bulky sleepy dogs because I know their favorite spots . I am comfortable.
Sale pending looms over me.
And now –
Every step along the way of this journey has left me standing in awe of His presence. From procuring the land – to having the perfect couple walk through twice and buy our home – to another offer out of the blue on something else we are in prayer about – to finding a floor plan that shouted “HOME!” when we walked through it – to standing in prayer and seeing the clouds part for a short glimpse of a blood moon (and I do mean short).
“In all your ways acknowledge Him, And he shall direct your path.” Prov 3:6
Moving was never part of MY plan. I thought this stop was the end of the moving journey. Our family has moved many times in our journey together. I think my daughters and I counted up 9 times at one point. This was supposed to be the final home. I had my daughter close enough to hug on whenever I needed. Grands to play with at least once a week. Best of all – the house felt like “home”. Gardens grew in sizes and beauty. The neighborhood is a place I walk with familiar names and faces.
And now –
Here I am again. Sale pending. Looking around wondering how many boxes I need. Saving newspaper to wrap fragile junk. Books to lug out the door. Pictures to take down and hopefully – not peel off part of the wall. Walls to touch up. Helpers to procure. A house to plan.
Sale pending.
norman-vincent-peale“Deep within you..nothing is hopeless. You are a child of God, and hope has been planted in ou by God.” ~Norman Vincent Peale. 29th century preacher
There were many things going on in my life when I retired from OH to NC. I won’t say it was a hopeless time, but there were parts of this path that were tearing me up, inside and out. My nature is to hold things pretty close; I am an actress, after all. And – as He often is during tests, God seemed awfully silent and distant. Prayer and holding tight to the WORD were the only things sustaining me. Within 3 monthes of those tough, questioning, fumbling steps, Covenant River Rock became home.
And now –
Here we are again. Dreams evolving. Land waiting to unveil its potential. A house to build. Dogs to unlease. A porch or two to sit on. A journey with a few secret destinations to uncover. I’m sure there will be some stumbling steps along the way, but God seems to be guiding this whole process, so I’m just sitting back and surrending to Him all my concerns, worries and fears.
Sale pending….
 and here we go again.
Hold my hand, Father, hold my hand because this seems totally crazy.
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those that love Him.” 1 Cor 2:9

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