song-of-solomon-3-4-e1423400373699Jewish sages teach that before the Messiah comes, God will shake the world like a rug. Things will not make sense. Turmoil will beat our terra casting the dirt into eternity of choices. The tiny mud ball in universe of large, beautiful creations will rock back and forth and the people will stumble. Faith will falter. People will question, “How can a loving God allow this to happen to His creation – His people?”

It is then that our guidebook counsels that we must hold to Him with the same kind of love that He used when He wrote us in the palm of His hand. “I seized him, and let him not go…” His hand grips ours, but we must grip back so we do not fall away.

Are my fingers weakening?

Is the sweat of doubt making them slippery?

Can I hold fast or am I falling?

Sadly, my hands often tremble. My grip loosens, and I whimper in my fear. Evil cuts the fingers deeply. But when I force myself to open the WORD, to seek His guidance, that my fingers stop bleeding and begin to strengthen. I hold on for just a little longer and read some more. It is then His love encompasses me and stills the beating of my heart. It is then the rocking of terra beneath my feet lessens, and my feet do not stumble. It is then my love and faith unites with His own. It is then, I choose to seize and not let go.

“But a little I passed on from them, Till I found him whom my soul hath loved! I seized him, and let him not go, Till I brought him in unto the house of my mother — And the chamber of her that conceived me.” Song of Solomon 3:4


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