November 1st and I am thankful that Daylight Savings time is over. Ha – for all you old timers out there – remember when parts of OH had daylight savings time and other parts didn’t? Traveling to Wooster for an eye appointment was very interesting during those days.

I am thankful that in 54 days I get to see my Littlest, and that I don’t have 3 hours of difference between us when I call now.last rose of 2015

I gave thanks as I picked one last, fragrant rose of summer to bring inside.

To a lesser degree, I’m thankful for National Authors Day and National Literatacy Day and (for those who care) National Vegans Day and National Cook for Your Pets Day. Whewwww – gotta be thankful they stuck that little preposition in that last one..

Finally, I am thankful for my girls who love their sticks and hate rainy days that keep us inside (even though they didn’t let me take advantage of the “Fall Back Day” as they got me up at the usual time for their breakfast).

It’s November 1st, guys, and I’m thankful that Our Father hears the deeper prayers of my soul and remembers His promises. “ZAYIN- Remember your word to your Servant, in which I have trusted”~Ps 119:49

Blessings!Be!sirach 6 14


It’s November 2. School today was crazy since kids had not been outside all day and couldn’t go outside because: IT IS RAINY. IT IS MONDAY. “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down.”

However – I’m pushing “down” out the door and choose to be UP-lifting and thankful instead.

I’m thankful that the new culvert hubby installed on our new property driveway is working perfectly. Driveway intact and waiting for heavy trucks bring materials for the new house.

I’m thankful for my friends. Friends who have been in my life forever. Friends who have just entered my life. Friends who listen to me when I get excited about learning something new. Friends who get as excited as I do over a new book or a piece of music. Friends that fill me with new knowledge and wisdom that they have gleaned over the years of their journeys. Friends who weep with me. Friends who pray with me and for me. Friends that walk with me.

It’s one of those thanks-giving days – even if it was a double whammy of RAINY and MONDAY!wisdom-in-the-ups-downs-ecclesiastes-610714-51-638


In the quiet of the night I start to shut down my mind. It is not a conscious process, but it is one that takes place all the same. It is a little more difficult tonight as I continue to battle the beginning niggles of a cold. Always a irritating consequence when you work with children who like to hug more than they want to do their homework. Of course, Miss Grandma doesn’t mind it too much – except when the niggles start to rise in the back of my throat.

Tonight the music that woke me up (after a restless night of coughing and sniffling) changes to lullabye mode and my eyes grow heavy. The dogs roll and stretch signaling it is almost time for them to take one more stroll outside. Hubby snores softly from the couch. Sleep is not too far away for me either. I know this ol’ body will be glad to catch up on some sleep, and hopefully – the niggles will be gone tomorrow.

I like this time of night the best. Noise of the day starts to drift into the background while free verse prayers form and swirl in concentric circles. Faces of those battling disease. Faces of those missing their loved ones. Faces of the unspokens. Devotional reflections circle in the middle of them begging more attention, more time, more awe for the One who opens His hand to hold me while I stumble through my day and while my body slumbers once again.

“When times are good, be happy;
but when times are bad, consider this [look]
God has made the one
as well as the other.
Therefore, no one can discover
anything about their future” — Ecclesiastes 7:14

As I look back at the past few hours that we call a day, I try to find God’s wisdom. God in the irritating niggles of a cold. God in the woman who kept talking and changing her order while I waited to order a tall strawberry ‘n creme to cool my throat. God in the silly laughter of my snuggling Grand who curls into my side as we read, ‘just one more story’.
The Hebrew sages are right. God is there. God’s wisdom is speaking. In the aches and pains of a cold. In the delight of a child’s love. In the person in front of me who talked to herself as she considered this and that. In the sweet smell of a rose that I clipped earlier today from a bush I thought had died. In the cricket’s song outside my window. In the noise. In the quiet. In the music. Wholly dependent upon Him, I’m ready to close my eyes and trust my future – good and bad – to finding His blessing in each step. For that, tonight, November 3rd, I am thankful.


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