There are days when darkness sits heavy upon us. It denseness sucks our breath away and gags us with its sinewy, seemingly, impervious ribbons. Snaking tightly – around and around – over and over – until nothing exists except the erratic beating of our heart. Nights widen and light shrinks into just a lighter shade of murkiness made darker by our tears.

  • Schools on lockdown.
  • Lies accepted as truth.
  • Towers built to the skies.
  • Conspiracy theories swirling.
  • Might makes right.
  • History circling round and round and round.

Hosea warned us, but we still have not learned. We still credit our hands, our gifts, our intellect as primary to our success and the success of this muddy world. Towers of Babble are being built again. But because the gates of the Garden are locked shut, the towers will tumble and languages will turn once again to gibberish. The darkness continues to gobble a few more hours of our day.


“Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel. “~ Is 7:14

But in the darkest part of the year – our lives – our times – comes the Christ-mass…the holy-day – that reminds us that “God [is] with us” A time set aside to celebrate the birth of a tiny babe who would serve as a reminder that even in these dark times – this dark world…

God….. is……… with………us.

“Behold the virgin shall conceive, and she shall bear a son, and they shall call his Name Emmanuail, which is translated, ‘Our God is with us’“.~Matt 1:23

Immanuel – Emmanuail – Emmanuel…however you see it or write it or hear it – God is with us.

A child is born.

A son or sun or light – however you see it or write it or hear it – is given. [Is 9:6]

And just for a holy breath – the dark evil of sin recoils sharply and the light cascades over all whose knees are bent, heads bowed and waiting to lift up their eyes from their rock of faith.

Come quickly, Immanuel, come quickly.


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