Rifts often start out small. Sometimes it is just a simple thing that starts the small fissure. Other times it is a sldegehammer that cracks wide the divide between two parts of a whole.

Long ago – two children lifted a sledgehammer, and it slammed down upon the whole earthly garden. The resulting chasm cracked the universe and locked closed the gates on what could have been..

The Creator beheld His creations – separated from Him – shivering on the other side of the rift, and – like the Father He was – He wept for their journeys that would now take place. Jounreys that would lead them through tough and frightful places. There was no bridge. There was no succor. They were on their own.

“In the origin The Word had been existing and That Word had been existing with God and That Word was himself God.” ~Jn 1:1

But from the beginning, Our Father knew – just as all Fathers know – that the sledgehammer could be lifted up at any time, or multiple times, when children have free will. A special WORD that He alone would speak into being. A breath of life was given once again.

A Miraculous Mysterium person. A person that was both Eternal and capable of TheNativitylifting a new sledgehammer. A person who was a Son of God A person who was also a Son of Man. A person Immaculate in his birth to an immaculate mother through an act by an Immaculate Father. Two children united in a Miraculous Mysterium to lift a new sledghammer – one that would be the Alpha strike of Healing the rift and follow it through to to the Omega strike of completion. A Healer who would eventually wipe away the rift completly, for such is the love of a Father for His children.


“And Yeshua said to them, “But what is it you are saying about me as to who I am?” Shimeon answered and he said to him, “You are The Messiah, The Son of THE LIVING GOD.” ~Mk 8:29

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