My mom could tell jokes. My dad could tell jokes. My brother can tell jokes. Most of my cousins can tell jokes. Somehow – the joke gene missed me.

How does that happen? Was I just not in the right baby line when God was handing them out? Did Mom and Dad just forget to tell jokes while I was being incubated? I can make people laugh – I just can’t tell jokes.


I can listen to jokes and think they are the most hilarious thing that I have ever heard and totally forget the exact wording within minutes. It has bugged me all my life. Even when I was little, I almost never got knock-knock jokes right when I tried to tell them.

I am pretty sure that Rabbi Yeshua didn’t miss out on the good joke gene. After all, children loved Him. People followed Him for miles over long stretches of time. His sermons were spell-binding (they did stay even when they were hungry). He had to tell some jokes in there. In fact, most of the congregation in attendance on that one special day were probably laughing their heads off when he blessed the fish and bread.

“Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”~Rm 8:39

Jokes are fun. They keep people interested, and hopefully, a more serious message can be passed along. What most of the curious followers didn’t realize (at that point) was that He had already recieved the annointing of His Father. There was a strong undercurrent of serious beneath the One who cuddled children and spoke of sinning no more. The Greek word that refered to “the annointed one” was Christos. In English, we have shortened it (natch, as my mother would say). His annointed name became Christ, and the world changed forever.

Still – I wish I had been in the right line when the joke gene was passed out.

“The nativity play was going as planned and Joseph and Mary were going from house to house knocking on the doors and asking it there was any room for them. As they continued to get “no room” answers a little voice called from the back “YOU SHOULD HAVE BOOKED!”

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