“Offer one in the morning and the other at twilight” ~Ex 29:39

When dawn breaks over the horizon, I am generally still fast asleep.  Hubby, on the other hand, is usually up before the stars have lost a hint of their twinkle and the moon it’s shimmer.  Like day and night, we often are the opposite of each other.  Both composed of Light and dark.  Both created by the same loving hand of our Father.

I read this verse today in the Jewish part of my devotions, and the polarity of it has stuck with me.  Opposite parts of the day – beginning – ending. In Exodus, God is talking about sacrificing  year old lambs twice a day.  Jewish wisdom says that the main purpose behind assigning this ritual to the Jewish people had more to do with time than the act itself.  God wanted to establish a period of time when His people would seek Him out and spend time with Him.  He really wanted them a “sacrifice” of their time.

img_mouseover3God was providing Light to the people that had lost sight Him during their years of captivity.

“For That One was The Light of Truth, which enlightens every person that comes into the world.” Jn 1:

God is like that.  He loves His creations so much that He continually wants to provide more Light for our paths, so that we can make the journey back to Him easily.  Jewish wisdom takes it one step further by stating that when we offer a “sacrifice of time” consistently – not just once in a while or whenever we think of it -but daily, consistently, stopping all else to draw close to Him, He will honor our behavior and call it righteous.

“I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Light of the world. Whoever follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall find the light of life.” ~Jn 8:12

I am thankful that the Light of Truth continues to shine in these dark times. Lately, there have been newspapers articles, cartoons and memes mocking the people who say that they are “praying” for those who are suffering.  They say that “praying” is not doing anything to solve the problem.  Yet, that is exactly what the Light of Truth came to this world to do.  Jesus showed us how to “sacrifice” our time and seek to “speak through prayer” and “sacrifice our time” to spend with the One who can truly “solve the problem”.

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