833f09f0-03c7-11e5-8871-5f5d1a81dd93_20311_511766955643815_2045293068141712740_nI love the days that I get to pick up the Grandson from Montessori Children’s House. We have this routine. He squeals when he sees me and yaks my head off all the way to the car. Then – about mid-way home, we pass a small farm that is a little Noah’s ark. We slow down and look for the goats. They recently had 3 baby pygmies who are just starting to do the baby goat dance.

“Grandma, you know what I want more than a tree house?”

“No, what do you want more than the tree house that you have been talking about forever?”

“A goat. I want a goat”

Pygmy goats.

Pygmy goats.

How much fun are kids? Their thought process and ideas never fail to amaze me.Later, we took a walk in the woods on the close-to-his-house-property that Papa and I like. It is in the government-limbo-vacant-foreclosure-deteriorating-mess type of home. He and Papa walked further down the stream than I did, but I got to be their sounding beacon as they headed back.

“Can you see me now?” I called.

“I can see you, Grandma,” he hollered as he ran up the hill leaving Papa still lost in the trees.

Grabbing my hand, face all sweaty and smiley (it was in the 70’s today), he said, “Can we go now? I’m thirsty.”

We waited to make sure a huffing and puffing Papa made it back up the hill. Then I laughed and off we drove, windows open, Christmas music blaring and both of us just enjoying the moment and a special day.

virgin-mary-jesus-lamb-purityIt was that kinda day. A day I needed since we’ve had such a crazy indecisive week of searching, questioning and praying. I started a 40 day prayer cycle based on our move out date. We need it. More importantly, my children and grandchildren’s world needs it. As we creep closer to the third week of Advent, I have been thinking alot about the Lamb of God. Here He was – born in a stable, laughing, innocent, enjoying the beauty around Him, and giving His love freely to those to those whom His Father had entrusted His care. Is it any wonder that later, John would refer to Him again as a Lamb of God. A lamb who freely traded His grace for our sin.

“Behold, The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” ~Jn 1:29

Of course, the Lamb eventually grows up and lets a whole ‘nother part of His nature emerge, but that is in Revelations which is a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother night. Blessings!Be! and hope you have a Lamb of God day tomorrow.

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Jesus and girl


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