When I was little, my mom sang “Birthday of a King” in multiple churches all over our area of OH.   At Christmas I still miss hearing her sing it as I played the piano so that she could pratice it.  Christmas memories are beyond special.

On that same thought note,  a poem strikes that same chord within me, and when I find a special one, I fall in love with poetry all over again. Since this is a rather long one, I will not write much except to say that the tiny infant whose birth we will soon celebrate in a hrist-mass is the King of…”all [my] heart and… all [my] soul and…all [my] strength and…all [my] mind;” Blessings!Be! in this Christ-mass season for He is King of Kings.Babyjesu

“Christ’s Nativity”~ Henry Vaughan (1621-1695)

Awake, glad heart! get up and sing!
It is the birth-day of thy King.
Awake! awake!
The Sun doth shake
Light from his locks, and all the way
Breathing perfumes, doth spice the day.

Awake, awake! hark how th’ wood rings;
Winds whisper, and the busy springs
A concert make;
Awake! awake!
Man is their high-priest, and should rise
To offer up the sacrifice.

I would I were some bird, or star,
Flutt’ring in woods, or lifted far
Above this inn
And road of sin!
Then either star or bird should be
Shining or singing still to thee.

I would I had in my best part
Fit rooms for thee! or that my heart
Were so clean as
Thy manger was!
But I am all filth, and obscene;
Yet, if thou wilt, thou canst make clean.

Sweet Jesu! will then. Let no more
This leper haunt and soil thy door!
Cure him, ease him,
O release him!
And let once more, by mystic birth,
The Lord of life be born in earth.

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