csscscs“Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.”~Is 28:16

I try not to make decisions hastily.  After all, decisions are just plain hard to make. Worse – if you don’t make a decision – you are still making a decision.  So one way or another – the decision is made, and you are responsible for it.

Long ago, when my hubby and I were newly married, we bought land from his parents with a little help from my mom,  We built a home out of two old barns.  It did not get finished before winter hit us.  Drafty since there was not insulation on the south side (hubby’s famous never-to-be-forgotten words ‘Wind doesn’t blow from the South’), burning green wood to try to keep warm, hauling water from a near by creek and using a porta potty. January  hit us with snow storm after snow storm and a month of  below zero temperatures .  Oh – and did I mention, we had done all of this while I was pregnant with our daughter who was born at the beginning of January? Needless to say, by the start of February, we were making another life-changing decision. We moved away.

fb86e874721ac94b848da80a8d6fe074Rabbi Yeshua went out into the wilderness before He made decisions.  As a Son of Man, he sat on the foundation that he had created and prayed. Likewise, I just feel like I need to plop my butt on my cornerstone where I can sit and ponder all the pros and cons of this decision-making process.  So yesterday I drove to the house and land we are trying to buy and sat. Bible open. Prayers on my lips.  Struggling to still my ever present internal ‘me’ voice so that I can hear His voice.

If you’ve been following this blog, you already know that we’ve been trying to make a decision – build or not build? Historically, January seems to be a critical month for us.  Maybe it is based on being married in January.  Maybe it is just the way Abba tries to get our attention, shaking our earth, reaching out in a repeating pattern until we notice and humble ourselves. Whatever it is, December/January seems to bring enough small quakes that we end up adjusting our path. We sit on that foundational stone giving thanks before we change our path once again.

Our biggest quandry we have right now is that we have figured out that the land we own is not our favorite type of land.  We like hardwoods around us. We like creeks.  We like quiet, off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods.  Our land is basically none of those things.  We could have a great house if we build —– just not where we want it.

We’ve found a couple houses on the kind of land we like.  A little woods, a little water, a little place for the girls to run. The houses are not our dream house (more like – NOT EVEN CLOSE), but with a little elbow grease and prayer, they could be exactly what we need.  We made an offer on one, but so far, it is in bank foreclosure limbo of “No way, Jose.”  The other house is empty and not even listed for sale because it is really lost in the big-government-tarp-monies-foreclosure limbo.  errr….

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone…”~Ps 118:22

God placed a Conerstone in Judah.  A tried stone.  A precious stone.  A foundational stone.

I’ve been thinking a bunch about Mary and Joseph after the birth of Yeshua. An angel visits them and says (basically) – ‘Get out of here. Don’t return home. Go to Egypt until the all-clear is sounded’.  Definitely that was a decision making quake to me.  Talk about faith – talk about a lot of decisions that had to be made quickly – talk about standing on a Cornerstone.

  • What road would they take?
  • How would they travel?
  • Where would they stay?
  • How would they live?
  • How in the world do you travel with a baby or a toddler (depending upon what version and belief formulated about the arrival of the wisemen).

Speaking of which, I guess it was “lucky” those wisemen brought some gold, frankincense and myrrh. I’m relatively sure that God knew they would need travel monies and enough extra to get a carpenter back in business in a foreign land. They were as homeless as I feel right now.  I’ve read this part of the story all my life, and have never even blinked twice about what it meant for this young family – not even when I was in the same position almost 35 years ago.  Now I’m blinking – more than twice.

I think this is why Our Father has been putting this part of the nativity story  on my heart so often.  In twenty-eight days, we will be pulling up stakes and walking a path towards our own Egypt.  Even if I’m not a young mother anymore, I still feel like her thoughts are traveling through me as she wondered about where  her Father God was sending them and what kind of a life they would establish in this new place. Yet – she wrapped up her child, held the hand of her husband and stepped onto the path towards Egypt.  She absolutely trusted the Cornerstone that she carried with her.

I sit a little longer on His Cornerstone today, reading the WORD and praying a little more. The quakes never happen when I am sitting on this Cornerstone or if they do, I don’t notice them.  The foundational stone sits solidly underneath me, and I know, just like the Holy Family knew, that we have nothing to dread. We just need to pack up and set our feet on His path and trust where He is sending us.

“And you are built up upon the foundation of the Apostles and of the Prophets, and he is The Head of The Corner of the building-Yeshua The Messiah.”~Ep 2:20

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