Despite the first snow of the season, the coldest temps of this new year, a day that kept us pushing and pulling and driving forward, we are still alive and functioning. Our plan seems to be working. Daughter, Son-in-law, Grands, four large dogs, and crazy elders are still together as we are planning to sleep in daughter’s spare bedroom tonight. Grandson said, “Oh goody. Grandma, you can sleep with me tonight.” Needless to say, my heart melted.

last day 1 18 16Stuck truck (wasn’t the 4 wheel drive one, of course) in back yard did not take off the corner of the shed or the rounded edge of the stone patio (it did put a few ruts in the yard), hot tub is setting comfortably in daughter’s garage until we can fill it up again or sell it. Tractor waits to straighten out the ruts in yard, driveway, and then carry our giant eagles four miles to the new property in 30 degree weather. It will be another busy day tomorrow.

Dogs are feeling a little less than comfortable. Koayah is completely off her game and pooped in the kid’s playroom as she played with Redding, daughter’s youngest furbaby. Ryndiyah refuses to let either of us out of her sight. (The screams, giggles and running around after that smell kinda spoiled a quiet bedtime) While Cheyenne, daughter’s oldest furbaby, just looks at everyone with big eyes and love easing out of every pore.

Life is great even with a stuffy nose. Life is great when muscles ache and the list of things to do tomorrow seem as huge as the list we did today. Life is great when you’ve got a plan. Life is even greater when your plan lines up with Our Father’s plan. Our plan at this point is to claim one room in the new house to sleep – after all we have a toilet and a shower – what more do you need?

No matter how you look at it, G-d’s challenges are often where we learn the most. Knowledge, wisdom and discernment are the blessings behind everything that Our Father asks us to do within His plan for each of us. All we have to do is to weave “our” plans within the “Master” plan and enjoy the “fruits of the spirit”. I think I need me some fruit.fruit-of-the-spirit-tree11



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