Daily Archives: February 6, 2016


2 2 16nEarlier today, I wrote a little note about the holes in my life and being “stuck in the middle” I was speaking literally and patting myself on my back for cleverly dealing with crazy times. But seriously, there are holes in the top of our ceiling and holes in our floor. However, as the day progressed, I’ve found that being “stuck in the middle” often allows our perspective to see past the trappings that usually hold us captive in a narrower sight line.

I have loved being on this journey. Tracking through the sawdust covered floor, the millions of searches through a multitude of boxes, the lack of heat, TV, and easy sitting places, disruption of routines, the sad confusion, but loving trust, in the eyes of my puppies, a grumpy husband and even grumpier me at times – has all contributed to such an expansion of that inner thing I call me.

2 2 16kThe ceiling holes of yesterday have started to be filled with familiar vents and covers. Flooring holes are neatly being filled as well as perfect base boards are being added. Over and over,I am overwhelmed to see what hardworking men and women can accomplish in a day. Rooms painted. Boards cut and stained. Heavy, bulking equipment lugged up a ladder and distributed throughout the attic. I am humbled by the talent that has filled our burgeoning home for the past three weeks.

Through a doorway hole, I watched two tradesmen work past their 8 hour day. One slowly drawing his hand over walls, feeling for imperfections that his eye couldn’t see. The other standing at a saw, hand stained with the deep wood color of our floor. Each one still laughing, talking and giving each other credit for ideas and talents of today’s work. I wonder how much better our world would be if we each took time to do the same in our own little work world?

1 19 16But the best part of today was seeing through the hole that develops after our children fly off to form their own families. Cuddlng a Grand as he fought off a bug that was trying to slow him down for most of the morning slowed my day down and reminded me about what really was important. Later, talking over Chinese rice and noodles, the older Grand shared her new “Sooper Lady” story that she had written at school and her memory page of helping us move. It all filled me with enough warmth to carry me through this chilly night of no heat in our new house/home. Watching daughter and son-in-law calmly talking and sharing with their children reminded me what a home is really all about. It isn’t the physical walls or floors or ceilings at all.

Holes exist in this universe. And crazy creatures that we are, we are often stuck in the middle. We try not to fall into those large ones that open under our feet and try even harder not to have something fall in on us from above. The wisdom is being aware of the holes. Watching for the light that comes from them. Patching up the ones we can to avoid hurting ourselves or others. Building homes based on love – particularly His love – so that the holes become merely a nuisance, or best yet, a source of knowledge, wisdom and discernment, so we can avoid them all together in the future. Hmmmm…but maybe….holes are just necessary and avoidance is futile. As I walk into the hallway, the light from a hole in the ceiling reminds me of why the existence of holes is pretty special – especially the ones from above.

Blessings!Be! and sleep tight “…with the Light from above”.

“Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” ~Nehemiah 8:10