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RATIONS 100 DAYS is presented in the conviction learned by long experience and ancient teaching that man does not live by bread along…”~Introduction to Rations 100 Days

A month ago, I finally got to take a trip to my birth state.  It was a whirl-wind trip of 3 days, 1000 miles and a great mixture of freeway and rural driving.  Family, friends, familiar places greeted my return, and I laughed more than I had in a month – – – especially while I was with my big brother.

He pulled out a box of pictures, notebooks, trinkets, WWII memorabilia, postcards, rattled off story after story. He even placed in my hands the black pen set that sat on my homework desk long, long ago.  It’s funny what things trigger an emotional reaction.  I certainly wouldn’t have thought a black, plastic pen that Dad received as a Scout Master would make me tear up.  But there you go.  Life is crazy.

“I’m an honest to goodness marine.” B.A. Ferris’s postcard sent on  June 16, 1945

It wasn’t until this week that I got to the bottom of that box and found a tiny book that belonged to my dad, RATIONS 100 DAYS.  Printed in 1942, it was passed out by the USO to all inductees.  Later, as my father boarded a ship to China, he received a small New Testament Bible.  Neither have any written notes in them, and yet, you can tell they were both opened more than once.  Sitting on the book shelf behind my desk, I see them reunited everyday.

“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it…”~Ps 127:1a

As most of you know, our country was different back then.  It was by no means perfect.  Then again, there has never been a perfect person – save One – so it is not surprising that there has never been a perfect country.  But there was something  – something powerful that was moving across our land.  Navajo code talkers (an extension of WWI efforts by Cherokee/Choctaw native Americans) –  racial/gender barriers breaking down as men and women of different races joined together against a common foe – ration books – scrap metal drives – America’s Prayer Minute…

Yup – you read that right.  In the back of this little book is a reminder page.  A page that reminds the soldier to pray every night.  “The time for America’s Prayer Minute is six o’clock every evening, to be observed for the duration of the war.  Wherever you are at six o’clock will you not join with many others across this nation in a moment of concerted prayer?”  Somehow, I don’t think this book would be handed out to soldiers anymore.

I’ve been praying for our country a lot lately – more than ever.  And yet – not enough. I think this tiny book is an answer to an unspoken prayer.  We are 92 days out from the election.  The book is 100 days, so I won’t entirely get done with the book by the election of 2016. However, God is not limited by earthly time.  He opened my hands, dropped a tiny book into them, and wiped the mud from my eyes.  His timing – not man’s – is always perfect.  So tomorrow, I will be back writing and “…at six o’clock every evening…for the duration of the war…. (for surely we are in a spiritual war)” I will be observing America’s Prayer Minute focused on the prayer verse that was included with this 1942 reminder.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”~Heb 4:16