“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that might not sin against thee.”~Ps 119:11

The longest Psalms and so jammed packed with little nuggets like this one. I love that it was the start to the Ration today.

The Granddaughter and I spent some time at the lake today. As she jumped around the shoreline trying to gather minnows. I took time to sit on the dock and enjoy the scenery. Blue herons, geese calling back and forth, the plops of jumping fish and soft whiffs of clouds overhead made for a beautiful backdrop for summer’s end and a rising 2nd grader enjoying every moment. I guess I was ‘shooting the sun” as the Navy called it during WWII.

“And God said, ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years…'”~Gen 1:14

The clouds were those writing type of clouds. You know – the ones where you can almost read a message in them, but you just can’t quite grab that last bit of knowledge to interpret it because it is in jots and tittles. Sometimes, I think that EL writes in Jewish letters just to remind us.

A swish here.

A dot there.

A double lined letter with a dot above it.

I saw it all today. Music wisdom written in the skies. What a wonderful summer day – especially since Littlest is almost here. Time to “shoot the sun” with my family and with my Creator. The America’s Prayer Minute has lasted most of the day today, and I am so thankful for this little RATION book.

“At noon each day on shipboard, the vessel’s clocks and instruments are checked by a careful observation of the ships position with reference to the sun. This is called ‘shooting the sun’. By it the vessel, storm-tossed and wind-driven, is kept adjusted to the very center of our universe.

“We have imagined sometimes that one great religious experience sets life on the highway forever. There are people who look back to a great conversion experience, but who never see the need of daily reattunement with God. We become too busy to ‘shoot the sun,’….

“We need to recall the ideals we set up for ourselves in our best moments. In prayers we need to attune out lives to God and His will; not storming the gates of heaven like Oriental beggars, but waiting in quietness, opening our hearts and minds to God until our discordant lives are brought back into harmony with him who is the center of our moral and spiritual universe.

“Another way to keep life in tune with the Infinite is worship. Our inner selves ‘run down,’ our hearts lose their attunement. We need time each day with the Bible and public worship with its ennobling music, its Christian fellowship, its quiet prayer, its friendly counsel.

“Prayer: Heavenly Father, thou who are God, the same yesterday, today, and forever, we thank thee that in the midst of a constantly changing world, at the center of the scene which is shifting every hour, we can have faith in thee who dost abide the same always. Amen.

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