Sometimes it is just the little things in life that tickle us. Everyday when I use our master bath room and look at the toilet paper hanger, a smile crosses my face. A tiny strange miracle that probably doesn’t seem like a miracle to any one else. You just have to understand how much I hate changing the forever-needing-changed TP that no one else in the household seems capable of doing. This holder – just lifts up and off slides the old roll and one with the new.

“For this cause the people also met him, for that they heard that he had done this miracle”~Jn 12:16

Obviously, the RATION for today kind of followed this thought as well. People look for miracles every day. During a war – people looked for them even more. As I read this little booklet from 1942, the wisdom keeps popping up and reminding me that truth never really fades. We just fail to remember.

I was listening to one of my favorite pastors this week. He was talking about a couple of the miracles that Jesus accomplished. He said, “Can you imagine what was going through the blind man’s mind when he heard this?” He proceeded to make spitting noises. Needless to say, I roared right along with the congregation.

Miracles aren’t for the faint of heart. They aren’t always quick fixes – remember – the blind man had to walk through the streets with mud – made by some strange guy’s spit – on his eyes to a pool he couldn’t see. Ewwwwuuuu Miracles aren’t just wham-bam – most of the time we have to step out in faith to claim them.

“Read: John 12:16-19

We in America possess a passionate relish for being humbugged. We like to take a chance at getting something for nothing. Multitudes listen to radio broadcasts that promise fabulous sums of money or other prizes to the person who responds quickly and with the right word to their requests. Millions of dollars are squandered every year on get-rich-quick schemes that are neither ethical nor successful.

“But we seem to have no monopoly on folly and selfishness. People in Jesus’ day were drawn to him out of curiosity and in the vain hope that he would work some miracle to gratify their ignoble desires… With little or no effort on their part, they hoped to get what they wanted by magic. Magic is an effort to get God, or the gods, to do our will. True religion is the reverse; it is the desire and the endeavor to have our defective thought and ways corrected and expanded by God’s larger eternal truth.

“The world has never needed a trickster for its king. The Eternal Christ is not to be fashioned and twisted and used to satisfy the whims or even the deep desires of mortals. But they who learn his ways and life in joyful accord with them, will experience abundant life, whatever their outward circumstances.

Prayer: Father of our spirits, we delight to behold the throngs going after Jesus, and we count ourselves blessed to be among their number. Great that our interest and theirs may be as deep as life, and not the fruit of shallow curiosity or selfish desire. We pray in his name. Amen.”

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