Come on rain!!! We got a little rain this afternoon. Wasn’t much – probably not enough that I can escape watering the garden tomorrow – which reminds me – I need to check the rain gauge. The important thing was that it “Came”.
Summer in North Carolina since July hit has been hot and humid, but I’ve mostly been thankful. It has not reached ‘REALLY’ hot and humid – just medium hot. They say you get used to the heat and humidy, so maybe that’s it as well.
We all find things to complain about. The pictures of ice and snow are already beginning to make the rounds because in just a few weeks, cold weather will – if historical record continues to be correct – make a re-appearance into our world.
I’m sure the apostles tried to figure out the seasons of their world. 3 years doesn’t allow much time to gain a lot of wisdom. Yet – it was enough. God said. Christ said. The Holy Spirit breathed. The world changed.
The Rabbi Yeshua said, Come”. They stood up, cast off everything and began a journey beyond comprehension. Tonight as I sit and look out the window, I am content. Listening to crickets, smelling the post-rain coolness. Rubbing the puppies at my feet with my toes. Sitting in my comfy chair. But a niggling has begun in the back of my brain.
If He walked by, knocked at my door, and said the same thing – would I?
I hope I would. I pray I would. However, I fear I would have as many excuses as stars in the sky. I curl back further into my chair and wiggle uneasily. “Come” . A simple word.
“Jesus came and spake unto them saying, ‘All power is given uto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.’~St. Matt 28:18-19
“The first thing Christ said to his apostles was, ‘Come,’. The last thing he said to them was, ‘Go‘. In those two words is a simple summary of the Christian life.
“When the war temblor ends and the dust settles and the actual truth is told, he horror of it will strike us like a tidal wave.
“One of our Secretaries of State told us last year that it was none to soon for the free peoples to plan what to do when the war ends.
“When the war ends! In that day the Church will have the chance of a thousand years. Half of humanity will be prostrate. Are we getting ready? Not only to feed and clothe and rebuild but to go as messengers of the justice, mercy, and love of God to a world in need.

“Some are preparing. They are forming ‘Christian Cells’ to think, pray and get ready to go whether in themselves or in the persons of those they will send.

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