“Today was – – – well – – – perfect.

It wasn’t almost perfect – or kind of perfect – it was perfectly perfect.

There is something about family gatherings that circle us into a familiar hug and reassure us that no matter what craziness is going on in the world it will be alright. Again – today’s RATION added that Biblical viewpoint that explains it a little more thoroughly than I ever could.

‘The energy by which I live is God; the wisdom by which I speak is God; and the companionship by which I am supported is God’.~ Ration #21

Our Father gave us the family unit to remind us physically of what has totally surrounded us – all of Creation – even before He breathed into our nostrils the ‘breath of life’. A family. A circle of action, thought, companionship – mix in a little forgiveness, wisdom, mercy, love – and the family blossom opens into the Son’s Light.

Today, we ate a perfect mother-daughter-daughter brunch at the Carolina Inn, watched the kids create perfect masterpieces on the coffee table, played a perfectly wonderful new game where everyone works together to save the world, drank the perfect drink by my very talented son-in-law who used my parents’ shot glasses to make it, only to finish this perfect day by rowdily dancing and singing around this perfectly small house to “Puff the Magic Dragon” at the top of our familial voices (however – you can not out-sing a Bose just in case you were wondering and the old songbook came out just to prove it still existed).

Ration 21 was just that – a perfect ration for a perfect day created by a perfect Father who loves His not so perfect children. Thank you, Father. Like Mary, I will, ‘…[treasure] up all these things and [ponder] them in [my] heart’ until the end of my days.~Lk 2:19

“As he spake these words, many believed on him.”~Jn :30

“It is not easy, these days, to preserve within our hearts an unshaken trust in the supreme worth of righteousness. Evil seems so powerful, and wicked men so confident that faith withers and hearts grow faint. If this is true of righteousness how much more difficult it is to maintain faith in the perfect. How very foolish to deceive ourselves with such a faith!

“But is it? The word in Jn 8:30 seems to reassure us: ‘As He thus spoke any became believers in Him’ (Weymouth). Something he said and the way he said it brought confidence to his hearers. Paraphrasing the verse immediately preceding: ‘The energy by which I live is God; the wisdom by which I speak is God; and the companionship by which I am supported is God’ Action, thought, companionship- – -these sum up life rather thoroughly. To say they are all centered in God is to claim something that by all human standards- – -is perfection.

“Jesus offered the glory of a God-centered life to those who would believe. The lure of the perfect is an outward response to an inner compulsion. Our lives, compelled by his perfect standard, must bear witness to our faith in the perfect- – -even Jesus Christ our LORD.

“Prayer: Dear Lord and Master of life, give us a restlessness of spirit that will be content with nothing but the best. So may we honor thee in our lives and win others to thy fellowship. In they name we pray. Amen.”

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