The week with our Littlest has passed way too quickly. It has been a gift on so many levels, and I can’t wait to see where life takes her on this next journey to Columbia in NYC.

It has been fun seeing this kidlet – who hated talking on the phone (except with friends, of course) – negotiating with car buyers (since a car in NYC is not exactly a necessity), accomplishing the impossible to be in compliance with a new state’s laws, leaving the security of the known for the unknown and weathering each and every decision with her wonderful life partner.
Wisdom is one of those things not necessarily guaranteed in this life. The Bible uses lots of metaphors when it talks about wisdom. “She is a tree of life to those who hold her fast and blessed are those who look for her.” Prov 3:18 Of course, Jewish sages add even more depth to this.
After the miracle of the Red Sea, the Jewish people traveled three days without finding water or taking time to study Our Father’s teachings. They were grumpy and bitter when they finally found water. Is it any wonder the water tasted just as bitter as they felt?
Water is more than water.
Trees are more than trees.
Wisdom is hidden amidst the ordinary things of life.
God told Moses to take some wood and throw it into the water to sweeten it. What we are not told in that story is that this wood was wood from the Tree of Life. Jewish wisdom says that when we study Our Father’s wisdom, life becomes sweeter. Somehow, I was not surprised by this.  For me – I had already figured it out.  Surrounding myself in His teachings adds much more to ordinary days. That’s why this week has been so “sweet”.
Today’s RATION also reminds us that we need to look for the wisdom He gave us through the suffering of his son. Until we seek it, our world will continue to taste bitter. We need that tree in our water. We need that grace hung from a tree. We need His wisdom.We need to pray the 1942 America’s Prayer Minute in 2016. Seeking that piece of wood to throw in our water.
“The soldiers who crucified Jesus sat in the shadow of the cross, after the deed was done, and watched him. The world has been watching hi ever since! There is something strangely thought-compelling about the spectacle of a good man being crucified as a criminal, about a teacher of love and righteousness being silenced by death and torture, about one who come to be regarded as God’s supreme revelation of himself being mocked, insulted, and killed by men too ignorant and brutal to realize what they were doing! I wonder if we really grasp the depth of meaning in Jesus’ atoning death, however, unless we also realize that in a very real sense the world is still crucifying him today! The crucifixion, alas, is a constantly recurring tragedy!”
“And when they crucified him, they parted his garments among the, casting lots; and they sat and watched him there.”~Matt 27:35-36
“And this is the judgement, that the light is come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light.”~Jn 3:19
“Prayer: We realize, O God, that we live in a world that is still crucifying Jesus, betraying his cause denying his purposes, deriding the truths he came to teach. Help us so to understand and reverence his message that we shall not take part in the crucifixion in our street our nation, our day and generation. In his name we pray. Amen.”
[Janet Searfoss art image: Sacred Energy/google images]http://janetsearfossbatiks.com/

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