Dreams are those internal milestones we aspire to accomplish. They are the light at the end of the tunnel. The hope that keeps churning our legs in a certain direction. The carefree thought that pushes our hand into our pocket to hand over money to meet a Star-Trek star at a mega gathering or go to a prestigious college to earn a degree.
We take after our Father that way.
He too has dreams. Dreams of creation. Dreams that He envisioned of building a home for all His creations. Dreams that pushed Him on to plant a garden of treasures just for them to discover. Dreams that further led Him to desire a personal relationship with each and everyone of them.
He planted those visions within us as well – after all – He told us He made us in His image. Some of us call them dreams – or visions – or milestones. We dream of establishing a home – a center – a safe place. In it – or around it – we plant our treasures – – – things that nourish us and sustain us. We seek relationships to share our home – our garden – our love.
And if we are lucky – and we decide to leave our prodigal ways – we also find Our Father there – waiting for us – the supper table laid out and His arms open.
Read: Philippians 3:13-17; 4:8
“If it (the vision) tarry, wait for it; For it will surely come without delay,” Heb 2:3
“We cannot go far in life without the inspiration of an ideal. The high road to fine living follows the trail that is lighted by idealism. . .
“Jesus followed his ideal, but Judas tossed his dream away for a selfish ambition. That is one reason why Jesus’ death was a triumph and that of Judas, tragic defeat.
“A picture was once painted by a great artist who set the scene in a night back ground. Across the dark waters of a lonely lake a solitary man could be seen rowing a small boat A high wind churned the waters of the lake into white-crested billows which raged around the little skiff. Above was a dark and angry sky. But through the blackness there shone one lone star. Upon this the rower fixed his gaze – – – and on through the storm he rowed. He was undismayed by the midnight darkness. Beneath the picture the artist had written, ‘If I lose that, I am lost.’
“Quite so. Lose the star of idealism from life and you are lost. Again, I say, ‘Don’t toss your dreams away.’

Prayer: Father of Light and Truth, give us the spiritual insight that will enable us to follow the gleam of thy guiding spirit. In the midst of life, turmoil and temptation give us the courage to hold to our ideal. May nothing persuade us to take the detail that leads into the far country. Hear our prayer in the Master’s name. Amen.”

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