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Where were you?

Tuesday morning dawned, bright and clear. The smell of cinnamon and nutmeg mingled with freshly cooked eggs while a soft, gentle breeze wafted through the open windows. I sat at the dining room tab…

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NC has had its share of hot days this summer. A record breaker in the 90’s – or so I’m told. (It’s not gossip if I heard it on the news, right?) Anyway – hopefully – today is the last one we will see for a few months because I’m definitely tired of the heat and ready for fall.
Saturdays are some of my favorite days. I go to an exercise class that lasts for two plus hours and come out of it feeling better than ever. Muscles stretched, joints less achy, and even the sinuses cleaned out (Don’t know how that last one works, but it never fails to clean mine out)
Perhaps because my sinus cavity is a little more fluid, the world seems brighter – clearer – more vibrant – and – I like to think – as if I’m looking through a crack of Eden’s gates for a time-out-of-time moment. Get to talk and laugh and groan with friends – but luckily – no gossip passes between us.
It is always a good day – a God day – a timeless day of stretching, reading, learning, laughing and just being aware of His presence in all things.
1942 Daily Rations:
“For lack of wood the fire goeth out;
And where there is no whisperer, contention ceaseth…
The words of a whisperer are as dainty morsels, And they go down to the innermost parts.’ Prov. 26:20,22
“We two white men,’ said Karl Kumm, the great African explorer, ‘made it one of our strict rules when on safari, to stop in the middle of a sentence or give the other a plain sign if ever we began to gossip about anyone. We were steadier for it in the face of danger.’
“Gossip about a person poisons the air that he breathes. It gives him no fair chance.
“Gossip also taints the spirit of the gossiper It develops a relish for other people’s slips- – -a devilish satisfaction when they have done something foolish enough or wicked enough to make a good ‘juicy’ story. It is the exact opposite of what St. Paul meant when he said that love ‘rejoiceth not in unrighteousness.’
“Gossip shows cowardice, too- – -telling tales behind a person’s back instead of daring to speak to him directly If we want to help someone, we go straight to him, or to a sympathetic friend who can deal with the situation more wisely.
“No one ever chooses gossip as a way to help.
“Never repeat what is told thee.
And thou shalt fare never the worse.
Whether it be of friend or foe, tell it not;
An unless it is a sin to thee, reveal it not,
Hast thou heard a word? Let it die with thee;

Be of good courage, it will not burst thee.~Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 19:7-8, 10