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In a news article this week, 6,500 people were asked what they would do if they were President. Most of the answers fit right in with the main topics of the presidential race: economics, health care, defense, gun laws, immigration. Of course, for the print article, they included some famous personality responses as well. Some were funny – some serious, but one caught my eye.

Temple Grandin was one of the people included for a quote. She is a professor of animal sciences in Colorado who happens to be autistic. Awhile ago, I was able to hear her speak, have read articles authored by her (and about her), and have watched her TED talks, so when I read her answer, my mind began to wonder.

She said, “I would become Undercover President, just like the show Undercover Boss. To obtain unbiased information, I would call up randomly chosen people and discuss the issues and policies I working on.”

Imagine the answers she would have gotten 15 years ago on September 12th. Imagine the answers she would get today. Imagine how politics might change if this ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking actually happened – not with pollsters, or lobbying groups but by the actual President or other leaders of our country.

Perhaps – like today’s Ration suggests – we would stop ‘picking things to pieces’ and concentrate on the importance of just loving each other, serving our community with the best within us and trusting Our Father who understands what we do not..

1942 Daily Ration: “Why dost thou judge thy brethren?”~Rom 14:10

Read: Romans 14:10-12

“Someone has cleverly said ‘Men and monkeys have a mania for picking things to pieces.’ There is a lot of truth in that statement, especially in regard to the human element in it. Ever so many people spend their time picking things to pieces, and one of their favorite subjects is their fellow men.

“Why dost thou judge thy brother?’ Why dost thou spend thy time picking thy brother to pieces?

“Our Christianity grants us many privileges, such as : living in fellowship with our heavenly Father; walking in the footsteps of the noblest Man he world has ever known; resting our eternal hope in the Son of God. But, one privilege has been denied everyone of us; that of sitting in judgement upon our fellow men. That right has been reserved exclusively by the heavenly Father.

“Why has God denied us the right to judge? Simply because we can only see results and not reasons. We can see the sins of our fellow men, but we can not see the temptations that brought them to the place of sin.

“Prayer:  Merciful God, forgive us for usurping that which is the exclusive right by siting in judgment upon our fellow men. We have only ‘known in part’ and yet we have judged as if we were omniscient Grant me the ability to understand and help than to judge and hurt. Amen.”

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