Daily Archives: September 22, 2016


“Oh, Holy Father of life, You who cause things to grow, prune me. Cut and trim as you will.”
Retired teachers never quit teaching. Even their dreams are filled with new classrooms and students. Last night’s dream found me in a cavernous room, stuffed full of students at large tables. I was told I was being sent there because they didn’t understand their material and had failed to advance numerous times. What they failed to mention was that I had to teach them – – –  but math – – – seriously????
“Lord, let Your Spirit come up within me like the living sap of a tree. Let it be Your heart that beats within my breast.”
Now – y’all who know me well – know that I hate math with a passion.I can usually do it (as long as it is not beyond algebra I) and feel fairly competent in geometry and down. But I could see the boredom and distaste in their faces as soon as I opened the door, so I went into teacher mode and the “sap” flowed once again. Laughter, interaction, excitement bubbled – even in me. I found myself chuckling (can you chuckle in a dream?) – math made sense and the ideas twisted into accomplishment
“Let the fruit of my life be a reflection of Your love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness.”
Heads bent over projects. Papers littered the floor with A’s marked in red at the top of them (as you probably know – time passes strangely in dreams). And when it came time to leave, none of us could believe that our class was over already. A dog was whining outside the door and I smiled (it was really my puppies who were hungry for breakfast). Time to go, and maybe, I could teach math (puppies began licking my face, begging loudly  and my eyes popped open).
Father, I can’t do anything without You. I don’t even want to try. Be the gardener…”~Francine Rivers in “Leota’s Garden” p 188.
God is always planting new ideas in my head. I have no idea why this particular idea was planted, but I intend to think on it for a while longer. There is something in the garden that I need to figure out. In the meantime – looks like this weekend will be a perfect time for going out in my physical garden and preparing it for fall crops. Lettuce, spinach, herbs, late tomatoes – love NC fall and a Father who says, “Here I am”.
1942 Daily Ration: Read: Isaiah 58:17
“Answer: thou shalt cry, and he shall say, ‘Here I am’.~Is 58:17
“All men cry unto the Lord in trouble. Even infidels have been known to do it in moments of sudden and serious danger. Great trouble has a way of driving people to God with desperate supplications.
“That’s something, of course – – -the prayer of desperation. It is something to believe that there is a Helper whom we can call upon in times of crisis. Blessed be trouble if it drives us to our knees and reminds us of a God we had forgotten! And many there be who are thanking trouble for having shaken them into living faith in the Almighty. They learned to pray when the storm was raging, and now that the skies are clear, they are still at their prayers. They have stopped waiting until trouble comes to break them up and lay them low.
“After all it is not danger, but detail, which test us most We need mettle not only for the big emergencies of life, but for the minor needs of every day. And if by habitual and daily prayer we can keep God real to us while the weather is good, we will not tremble when the storm breaks.

“Prayer: O blessed Creator, who knowest our frame and rememberest that we are dust, mercifully hear us when we pray, ad give us the mind of courage and faith, the mind of Christ. This we beg in his holy nae. Amen.”