The hubby’s b-day is on Tuesday, so BK and her family came over to have a ‘semi-acknowledgement-of-the-day-to-come’ dinner. (I’m not about to mention the b-day number – but it is one of those milestone ones.) It was the perfect day for family gathering. Sunshine. Open windows. Grandma Mickey’s chicken and rice casserole. And laughter — tons and tons of laughter.

Today we added the neighbors’ 8 yr old girl to the mix of Grands. She has a new bike and has been coming over all week to show us her progress and visit the dogs. Needless to say – when she met the Grands they all were ecstatic. The dress-up clothes, art supplies, finger crocheting yarn, and a sundry of other things came out of their proper places, and were spread from one end of this abode to the other. I have a feeling this ol’ house will never be the same.

And you know what? That’s okay. It felt like Jesus Came to My House today.

A home filled with children and laughter and mess seems to weave a magic all on its own. When the neighbors came looking for the little one, I’m sure the screaming and wild whooping gave them pause as they walked onto our deck – the teenager left as quickly as possible – LOL. Luckily for us, they kinda think we are ‘okay’ folk – even their dog likes our dogs.

When I read tonight’s Ration, it was fun to think about Rabbi Yeshua walking up to our door. Sitting on our deck, getting bit by a mosquito or two, munching on red-velvet cookie and smiling at the faces of sad kids when parents told them it was a “school night” and time to go home. But just imagine how ‘cool’ the night would be after those sleepy kids were tucked into bed and Rabbi Yeshua sat in that same home, listening to the crickets and talking about His Father and the world as He knew it could be.  Then imagine Him asking you that big question, “Will you follow me and become fishers of men?”

“I Can Only Imagine…”

1942 Daily Ration: ” ‘Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.’~Mk 1:17

Do not be misled by the beards you see on the pictures of the apostles. they were not old men. when Jesus called out a dozen men to be with him in his work, to learn his way of life and the message he had for the world, he wanted people whose lives were before them.

“Jesus did not go to the learned professions or rich palaces for his inner circle of followers, but to the common occupations of me. Some of them were fishermen- – -not the kid of fishermen that most of us are, going out for some sport on a little vacation, but making their living at the hard, rough work of bots and nets and cargoes of the shining, slippery, silvery fish.

“What an exciting and stimulating time they must have had with Jesus! Busy days with people, quiet hours in prayer, long conferences about the deep things of spiritual living, along with the usual routine of finding shelter and meals. Did you ever try to imagine what life with Jesus would be like? What would be the nearest thing to it in our situation?

“Read: Matthew 4:18-22

“Prayer: LORD, help me to be a good follower of thine. Take my lips, and speak through them; take my mind, and think through it; take my heart, and set it on fire. Amen.”


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