This is the start of the last 40 days of Rations. Most people know that 40 is a number that is mentioned often in the Bible. One site that I visited said that 40 was mentioned 146 times. I recognized many of them – although I had somehow missed the one of Ezekiel laying on his side for 40 days to point out Judah’s sins (Ezekiel 4:6).

God doesn’t tell us we need to pay attention to specific numbers. In fact, He really doesn’t tell us that we have to do anything. He suggests. He hints. He supplies teachers, prophets and stories. According to tradition, He even had 40 different people write the 66 book of the Bible.

In Jewish wisdom, the number 40 holds great significance. It represents transition, a period of change, a renewal of faith; a new beginning. Rabbi Yeshua apparently held to this rabbinical thought as well since He spent 40 days in the wilderness before walking into the ministry that would change the world.

So as I write these last 40 daily rations of 2016, I am spending some extra time in the WORD, changing up my prayer times and treating it – in a sense – like the period of Advent or Lent. 40 days of change. 40 days of renewal. 40 days of new life on His path instead of my own.

1942 Daily Rations:Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial among you…as though a strange thing happened unto you.’~1 Peter 4:12

“Handling difficulty is half the art of living. One must be a spiritual engineer. The first step in dealing with trouble is to expect it and accept it as a normal element of existence. It seems to require hardship to make the sort of human spirit that we like best and value most. If so, God could not make it otherwise. The book of life is a dramatic volume, a mingling of joy and sorrow, defeat and triumph. This is what life is like and no one is exempt. Some people seem to think that the normal life is one of unbroken ease, and that difficulty is abnormal and must be accounted for. There is no evidence for that premise. To expect trouble is not to borrow trouble. Borrowing trouble is apprehension; expecting trouble is comprehension. One who expect difficulty a an integral part of his lot will not be swept off his feet with surprise and dismay when it comes.

“Prayer: Give us grace, O LORD, to keep our hearts at peace among the varying tides of life. Joy and sorrow, health and suffering, need and plenty, are all parts of the common lot of men. May we shrink from no fortune, but learn to meet each one as it comes. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


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