“He cometh not a king to reign; “
The world’s long hope is dim;
The weary centuries watch in vain
The clouds of heaven for Him.”
In 1866, John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem called Our Master. It is a long poem by today’s standards. 152 lines of rhyme and thought. A prayer. A tribute. A gift.
“Our Friend, our Brother, and our Lord,
What may Thy service be?—
Nor name, nor form, nor ritual word,
But simply following Thee.”
I remember memorizing many poems during my youth and even as a teacher. Sometimes, I would memorize classics just to recite to my students so that I could show them the power of the spoken word. I don’t think this is done much any more.
“Deep strike Thy roots, O heavenly Vine,
Within our earthly sod,
Most human and yet most divine,
The flower of man and God!”
After all, why memorize when you can find it within a few keystrokes. Such is the advancement of technology. Which begs the next question – how many people read past the first couple of stanzas unless it is required?
People may be able to find information quickly, but how much time do they spend digesting that information? People can find any Bible verse in a blink, but how much time do they spend breathing in the essence of the gift they have been given? All-in-all, I guess that is alll the author of this Ration was trying to say.
Take the time to jump in a little deeper. Read all the stanzas and get to know Him more than you ever thought possible.
1942 Daily Rations: Read: Galatians 2:16-21
“I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”~Gal 2:20
“A student at a well-known university told a visiting minister that he had worked out for himself a religion which was his own patterned by no denomination. Lord Charnwood’s biography had made Abraham Lincoln very real to him. He began to look at things as He though Lincoln looked at them. He attempted to meet circumstances and people as Lincoln would have met them. He felt himself possessed by his spirit.
“This experience led the young man to think that in a similar way he could come to know and follow Jesus. By reading the Gospels, Jesus soon became a new more vital character to him. “Do you think religion is anything like that?’ the student asked eagerly. The minister quickly assured him that religion is exactly that, supremely that.
“This earnest youth, without realizing it, was having fellowship with Jesus. Any person, young or mature, can have a similar experience if the same simple method is followed persistently. Read the Gospels again and again to become familiar with the words and thoughts of Jesus. Try to look at things the way he looked at them. Attempt to meet circumstances and people as he met them. Do this faithfully. From your sincere effort and complete faith will come the rich experience of Christ.
“But warm, sweet, tender, even yet
A present help is He;
And faith has still its Olivet,
And love its Galilee.”~Whittier 

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