It is 24 days till the election.

24 days to humble ourselves in prayer.

24 days to ask for guidance.

24 days to meditate on the path that He would have us walk.

Some days you just can’t say it any better than a little booklet written in 1942 and for sure – a book made up of 66 booklets written thousands of years ago.

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men”~Jn 1:4

“One evening as I walked from my home to the church, I was searching in my mind for a title for the Sunday sermon which I had prepared. It dealt with the contrast between our Christian ideals and the actual world in which we live. For the first time in several days the skies were clear and I gazed upward as I walked, admiring the bright stars. Suddenly my feet slipped on the wet sidewalk, and I almost went down. There flashed into my mind at once a title for the sermon, ‘The Stars and the Sidewalk.’

“That is one of our problems in life- – – how to eep the vision of the stars and yet walk the slippery paths of real life without falling; how to keep the calmness of the eternal heavens amidst the fretfulness and irritations of daily living.

“The story is told of a man being driven in a wagon through a dense forest in the black of night. He asked the driver how he could see to guide his team. The driver replied, ‘By the path in the sky.’ There above the narrow lane between the treetops was a starry pathway.

“The highway of a life in Christ may be admired from afar. It may be as ‘the path in the sky’ for the weak and the strong alike. The life of Christ is the safe and the living way for men today.

“Prayer:Father, may we find our way by looking above for the light which heaven sheds on all the paths of earth through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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