Fall is beyond wonderful. Cool days. Cooler evenings. The earth warmed with colors that wrap around each creature busily tending to things before the winter cold settles in for a season.
I love it, and I love watching the changes in our little house in the woods. Leaves haven’t really started falling yet in NC, but they are starting to add a little color. Pumpkins are off the vine. Garden is mostly cleaned up. However, there is still a little grass that I need to disrupt that got a foothold during the heat of the summer.
A new phase has started on the re-model so hubby moved most of the dirt and mulch a couple days ago, and today – I got busy. I smoothed out an area in the front. Hauled fallen limbs into a pile and started to find the shape of the earth under the leaves and garbage others had left behind. While I work I always have questions running around my mind. ‘How has the land changed?’ ‘Did slaves work this land before me?’ ‘Did Native Americans ever wonder across this piece of ground and sit awhile?’ ‘Did Confederate or Union soldiers battle here?’
I’m still learning about this small piece of earth. We know that we probably won’t stay here as long as we did at Covenant Woods in OH, and that’s okay. We hope we leave Eli Covenant a little better for the next family who chooses to settle here.
In the meantime, there is plenty to do before winter. Winter shrubs to plant. More dirt to move. A small retaining wall and fire pit to add. A Grands’ overnight or two. Laughter following mistakes. Goals to meet before the holydays really settle us in for the winter.
In the meantime, we try to remember to keep our eyes on the One who created the seasons and blessed us with this path to walk. Some days are easier than others. And – once again I wonder – how could this little 1942 booklet have known what I needed to read today in 2016.
1942 Daily Rations: “To whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are.”~Romans 6:15-19
“What contrast we have here- – – law and grace, servants and free, iniquity and holiness. Men have long debated the question, whether there is such a thing as real freedom. A man sits in an automobile or airplane. Before him are gadgets of various kinds. How much freedom has he? If he obeys the laws of the machine in their use he moves freely where he wills. If he attempts to work these gadgets contrary to their laws he ends in a crash. I had an elder once, a very meek man, whose job during the last war was to push a huge truck containing high explosives from one room to another. The pay was high but the danger was terrific. If he had obeyed the law of carelessness the thing would have blown him and the whole plant to atoms. Because he obeyed the laws of right care he and many others lived to see the war end in victory. The law of righteousness is the Creator’s plan. Obedience brings life disobedience brings catastrophe.
“Prayer: Heavenly Father, we love thy law. Help us to obey it, for in our own strength we are bound to fail. Work thou in us to will and to do of thy good pleasure, through Christ our Lord, and he alone can save. Amen.
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