Stacked some wood. Moved some more leaves. Made the bed. Broke a toe. Errrr…..

Our kid – the youngest dog – decided the ball was more important than her surrogate mama, and as I was stepping one way, she was running the other. Collision of toe to leg doesn’t always work out well. Cracking sounds to not bode well. Hence one toe is now turning that wonderful purply-pink, double-sized, achy toe. Maybe I’ll be lucky, and it will just be stoved. sigh. At least I know that tonight, I will be tucked into a fresh sheets and a newly made bed. Somehow the world is better when you sleep in a clean bed.

I’m one of those weird people who makes their bed everyday – well – most everyday. It is the first thing I do and answers my first prayer of the day, “Yahweh, …please give me success this day…” Gen 24:12  It also makes me smile.

Daddy is the one who taught me to make a bed – after all – I was sleeping in a USMC bed that he brought home from somewhere. Consequently, the bed had to look like it should. Squared corners. Tucked in cover sheet. One pillow. These days – all that has gone away except for the square corners. How can you make a bed without square corners. I don’t bounce a quarter any more, but I remember when dad used to – just to check it out. That is when he put stars on my ceiling and wrote my initials with the stars.

At night after a book or two, Mom would braid my hair and then Dad would tuck the sheets tightly around my body as he kissed me goodnight. I think I can completely identify how a swaddled new born feels so safe when that blanket is wrapped around them. Life was perfect, so why change perfect? When I crawl into bed, I lift myself enough to trap the covers beneath my body on one side and let Hubby trap me in on the other. Life is still perfect and – except for an achy toe – a successful day comes to a close.

Still praying the American Minute at 6 P.M. Only 21 days until the election. Praying for Israel and the UN decision due this week. “Prayer is the vehicle through which we draw down God’s blessings into the world.”~Rabbi Eckstein

1942 Daily Ration: ” ‘I came that they may have life, and that they may have it abundantly.’ ~John 10:10

Read: Mark 1:16-20

“The Christian religion has in it a means of enrichment of personality that no other religion possesses. For it has Jesus and no one among the multitudes who have lived has done so much to develop the possibilities of men. He put his finger on the best that was in people and brought it to life. In him men have seen what they might become. He has inspired the greatest moral and spiritual efforts that men have ever put forth. The beauty of his life has awakened the loftiest ambitions. He has implanted in man that spirit of sacrifice which enlarges life to its farthest bounds. Those who would bring in the Kingdom of God and be made able to battle for it need a standard. ‘That standard,’ says Mr. Graham Wallas, ‘is the cross of Christ: its legend, ‘Follow me.’

“Prayer: Baptize thy Church afresh in the life-giving spirit of Christ. Put upon her lips the ancient gospel of the Lord. Fill her with Christ’s tenderness for the heavy-laden and Christ’s saving mercy to the poor and needy. Amen.


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