What a weird week. Hurt the toe (which is healing nicely – if too slowly for me), and this morning when I woke up, I could see everything perfectly. I was flabbergasted. I can’t even remember the last time I could open my eyes in the morning and see everything clearly.
I blinked a couple of times and was about ready to praise My Father for a miracle when I felt the contact slide into place. Apparently, last night I slept in my contacts. I have been wearing contacts for almost 50 years and have never forgotten to take them out – not once – not ever. A nap here or there – sure. But never overnight and never for 24 hours. Even when I pulled all-nighters in college or with my kidlets, the contacts came out.
As I have aged, I usually take them out earlier in the evening and wear glasses. But last night, not only did I go to bed with my contacts in, but they never irritated my eyes enough to wake me up – at all. However, when I took out the contacts, my vision was not what I am used to, so I put them away and wore the glasses. I will certainly be one happy person to put my mono vision contacts back on tomorrow and be able to see things clearly.
“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”~1 Cor 13:12
Needless to say, as I struggled doing the ordinary things I like to do – reading, writing, seeing things in the distance, I had this promise drift through my brain a couple of times, 1 Cor 13:12. The reminder that there will be a day when I get to wake up in a world and see perfectly.was definitely a blessing to my day — a blessing to my week – a blessing to my life.. .
1942 Daily Ration: Read: Psalms 10
” ‘What is a mocker, strong drink is raging; and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.’~Prov 20:1
“Out of the dim past comes the story of a young cupbearer, Cyrus by name. He had been appointed to serve his grandfather Astyages, the king. In serving the first time, he presented the cup to the king with a dexterity and grace that charmed Astyages and his mother, who was also present. The king embraced him with great fondness and said, ‘I am well pleased, my son, No one can serve with better grace. But you have forgotten one essential ceremony – – – that of tasting.’
” ‘No’ replied Cyrus, ‘it was not through forgetfulness that I omitted this ceremony. I relaized that there was poison in the cup.’
” ‘Poison, child! How could you think so?’
” ‘Yes, poison, sir, for not long ago at an entertainment you gave for the lords of the court,, after the guests had drunk a little of that wine I noticed that all their heads were turned; they sang, made noise and talked they did not know what. You yourself seemed to have forgotten that you were a king.’
” ‘Why,’ said Astyages, have you never seen the same thing happen to your father?’
” ‘No, never,’ said Cyrus. ‘When my father drinks, he drinks water.’
“Prayer: Grant unto us, Our Father, the wisdom and strength to overcome the temptations to our path, and to abstain from those things which hinder our physical, moral, and spiritual development. Amen.
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