There is a whisper through the ages of Jewish life, that God not only knows the number of the hairs on our head or the stars in the sky, but he also has assigned an angel to each piece of grass so that it might grow to its fullest potential and bless the earth with its grace and beauty.


It got me to wondering – again – like always. What can I say? Learn one thing and and have new questions. If blades of grass have angels, do you think – maybe – that was the origin of faeries? That faerie ring are really angel rings?


Listened to ‘Hallelujah’ this morning. When it popped up again on my feed tonight, I got the hint. I’ve listened to this song many times – by many different artists. The first time I really remember hearing it was early in the morning when the radio would come on to wake me up for school. If the radio came on playing that song, the kidlets got to sleep a little longer, so I could dry my tears. It was 1990. A world at war again. Desert storm.


“And even though it all went wrong,
I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
with nothing on my lips [tongue] but Hallelujah!’ “

This is the verse that always caught me – catches me still. It is the verse that has disappeared in many of the new renditions – they tend to stop at the broken part of the song. It is the 4th verse where Leonard Cohen brought redemption to the listener. It is this verse that brings grace, and it reminds me that like the hairs on my head, the stars in the sky, the blades of grass in the field, He knows all my sins and still loves me. He has prepared a room for me.

Grace. Forgiven. Blessed.


1942 Daily Ration: Read: Psalm 85

” ‘I will hear what God the Lord will speak.’~Ps 85:8

“God speaks in whispers.

“There was a man in the Old Testament who found it, so. It was not in the storm, not in the earthquake that he heard the thing that brought him to his feet. There was a ‘still small voice’.

“There was another man who said, ‘I will turn aside to see’. The voice of the revelation of God is not likely to come to the hurrying passer-by. It comes to those who expose themselves, like a photo-graphic plate, to the impressions which make religious living real and satisfactory. The great things are the quiet things. ‘I heard the booming sunset gun, but did not hear the sun go down.’

“There is method here, a deliberate act, as the good man says, ‘I will hear what God the Lord will speak’. He is stepping out of traffic, for a moment, maybe many moments to listen for a voice which can be heard no other way, the voice of God is duty, in worship, in sympathy, in kindliness to others, in faithfulness to our calling as the followers of Christ. God is whispering to us also in the lives of all the fine people whom we know and love.

” ‘He that hath ears to hear, let him hear!’~Matt 11:15

“Prayer: Our heavenly Father, teach us the divinity of the still small voice within that is ever urging us in the way of righteousness; so shall our hearts be renewed in faith, so shall we ever live in God. Amen.


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