Toe update – it doesn’t shout any more and only mildly complains when shoes are present. Best of all, most of my foot has returned to normal size – except the toe. It still can’t bend, BUT – it isn’t shouting anymore.
Still – in our world today, the shout of my toe would barely make a dent in the noise that surrounds us everyday. If it is not our political candidates’ war of words – it is the clash of cultures – it is the noisy newscasters – it is…us being us.
Not easy to “…act justly…” when the world appears to be anything but just. “..show mercy…”? How do we show mercy when there is so little mercy shown. Which brings us to, “…walk humbly…” The definitions of humble – whether it be a noun or a verb – do not make anyone want to jump up and adapt “humble” as a life motto. It is a fine line between humble and haughty.
Perhaps this 1942 Ration was written for these last 10 days of the election cycle as much as it was written for a suffering world at war. “Teach us thy laws…make the path of duty clear…give us the heart to pursue it…” “…act justly…show mercy…walk humbly…”
Positive words to guide the world – the country – the people – the person whose knees bend in prayer.
1942 Daily Ration: “What doth the Lord require of thee, but…”~Micah 6:8
“Read: Micah 6:6-8
“Every person must complete this sentence fr himself. The index of one’s moral nature is the way in which he does so. This is life’s final examination in spiritual insight. With the decay of outward authority many have jumped to the conclusion that there is no authority. Right and wrong is a matter of ‘as you like it.’ There is nothing required. But those who have adopted this view do not seem to be a very happy lot. Moral requirements are the laws by which one lays his course,. It is not always easy to answer Micah’s question, but no one can come to terms with life unless he asks it and keeps on asking it.
“Prayer: Teach us thy laws, O Lord. Inform us of thy ways. Make the path of duty clear to us and give us the heart to pursue it. Out of the difficulties of the day, may we feel the joy of having done that which thou hast required of us. In the strength of Christ our Lord we ask it. Amen.”
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