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When I started this journey of 100 days, I did not think of when it would end. After all, a hundred days is a long time, and I’m not that good at math to boot. I do know that when I missed a couple of days because of a short sisterly vacay, God’s nudge was notable not to just start up where I left off. Instead – I was supposed to double up until I was back on track.

I didn’t like that. Typing one daily Ration takes a few minutes depending on how long it is (I’m a fairly good typist thanks to a mother who insisted on typing class back in the day). Typing a second Ration doubles that time.
Yet – here we are. 7 days of Rations left after a turmultuous election cycle. 7 days of healing thoughts sent from 1942 to us. 7 days to notice how each Ration seems so strongly related to our current days’ events.
Today’s Ration is no exception as it talks about how we should find the true measure of the “pilot”. I find the symbolism of this Ration very potent in light of today’s events. We ‘pilot’ our lives. We teach our kids to be ‘co-pilots’ in our cars. And now – new person will “pilot” this nation. Or hopefully – they will “co-pilot” this nation and let The True Pilot guide us safely through the next four years.
Rabbi Yeshua always taught with parables. I think He still does.
“For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.” ~1 Cor 13:13
1942 Daily Ration: “Read: Luke 4:31-43
“I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also; for therefore am I sent.”~Luke 4:43
“If you were to examine a pilot of one of the great air liners, you would never ask him how long he has been a pilot. You would say, ‘Sir, how many hours in the air have you?’ The true measure of a pilot is hours of flying. Hours on the ground may be spent telling friends what he would like to do when and if, but hours in the air mean ability, experience and competency.
“This same truth applies for a good father, mother, merchant, writer, doctor, lawyer, or minister. Your experience starts when you begin to do the thing you are now talking about.
“Was it not this that made Jesus a blessing to the needy and the hungry? ‘He went about doing good,’ Folks never saw him standing on the corner talking about the thing he was going to do on the morrow. When men saw Jesus, he was putting in hours of labor. . .flying time.
“The challenge of this day is for more men and women and youth to build up flying time. It is not how many years you have been a Christian that counts with your Lord. It is how many hours you have spent practicing the teachings of the Christ….His prayer should be our prayer. ‘…I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.’~John 17:4

“Prayer: Dear Lord and Master of us all, grant that we may have courage and vision to follow in thy footsteps. Grant that we too may be known for our good deeds and our kindness to others. Amen.” [google images]


Whenever I walk somewhere – songs ramble through my brain. I don’t know if it is the rhythm of the steps that brings a song to my mind or if it is just my mind reverting to those early days of walking and singing just for the sheer joy of singing. Today it was this one.

“I like the United States of America.
I like the way we all live without fear.
I like to vote for my choice, speak my mind, raise my voice,
Yes I like it here.

I like the United States of America.
I am thankful each day of the year.
For I can do as I please, ’cause I’m free as the breeze,
Yes I like it here.

I like to climb to the top of the mountain so high,
Lift my head to the sky,
And say how grateful am I
For the way that I’m working, and helping, and giving,
And doing the things I hold dear.

Yes I like it, I like it, I like it here.”

Way, way back in time, I memorized this little ditty and never forgot it. Today when it popped into my mind, I felt the breath of that little girl again. That 50’s world where faith, hope and love were a little more tangible made me smile.

It is a good day to smile. A good day to practice faith, hope and love.

1942 Daily Rations: [Continuation of a British mother’s letter during the war] Read: St. John 3:12-16

” ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’ ~St. John 3:16

“So arm yourself against mental suffering at the horrors you will see, by a serene courageous attitude of mind.

“Don’t regard the killed as lost men, nor crippled as defeated men, nor the bankrupt as afflicted men. These are the fears of puny hearts incapable of looking up at the starlit heavens and reading the signature of God.

“You will face destruction of this temporary body, and that is the leat of your troubles. Because death is nothing. Not even the loss of the pleasure of living.

“You will walk through a gate and you will go on. I don’t even pray you should be spared this because i would not feel that I had lost you. A temporary separation, that is all.

“Don’t be afraid of fear. . .It’s man’s deepest instinct, and a spur to brave men. Relax and pray. Reach out for the source of all life, all courage, all good, and a Hand will lead you through the dark. I don’t say this to give you any false comfort. It is true—true. I have proved it—and I know.”

“Prayer: O Lord, we pray thee to have mercy upon all who are this day wounded and suffering. Though kindred and friends be far away, let thy grace be their comfort. Raise them to health again, if it be thy good pleasure; but chiefly give them patience and faith in thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”  [google images]